Washer Dryer Combo

Until very recently in the perspective of history, our laundry washing technology was extremely low tech. Our ancestors – usually our female ancestors – washed dirty shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, coats and unmentionables in a running stream or in a large bucket filled with water. Using soaps made from natural plants or, more recently, bought from general stores or mailed for from the Sears and Roebuck catalog, these hearty women were tasked with hand scrubbing every splatter, spot and stain off of the family’s dirty laundry. Some women even worked as professional laundresses, rubbing their hands raw against wooden washboards in order to get the clothes of their customers sparkling clean.

Luckily for us living here in modern times, we have washers and dryers to do laundry for us. Until very recently, the majority of homes and apartments with washers and dryers had separate units for each chore. This ended up taking a lot of space, causing many people to devote an entire room in their house to laundry. But modern technology has advanced quite a bit, especially since pre-industrial laundresses made their professions out of taking in other people’s washing, and now we have washer dryer combos.

Washer dryer combos are exactly what they sound like – a combination of a washing machine and a dryer. Unlike the separate washers and dryers, washer dryer combos take up relatively little space. Because of this fact, people who live in small apartments or other small spaces tend to favor them over washer and dryers in any other style.

Washer dryer combos have another feature that makes them extremely tantalizing to dwellers in small spaces – they do not need an external air vent. When it comes to regular, separate dryers, they need an air vent to the outside due to the fact that they emit water vapors. If this air vent weren’t present, water vapor would either build up in the dryer and cause it to malfunction or emit to the laundry area in the home and cause all sorts of problems, from a low quality of living to mildew and other water damage. But because washer dryer combos condense the water vapor produced during drying, they do not need an external air vent. This makes them idea for interior apartments and other small, spaces that are not very well ventilated.

One of the biggest advantages of washer dryer combos is that some models allow laundry to be washed all at once. This negates the extra time it takes to transfer laundry from the washer to the dryer. For busy people on the go, this saves a lot of much needed time that could be spent on other things. The facts that washer dryer combos do not take up as much space as traditional washers and dryers, do not need an air vent and allow clothes to be washed and dried in one go present a wonderful advantage to people living in apartments or other small, mostly urban, spaces.

But, washer dryer combos also have disadvantages. Because they are of one piece, if there is a problem with say, the washer, then the dryer also suffers, and vice versa. Some consumers have complained that the dryer part of a washer dryer combo does not dry as well as an individual dryer and that it is more prone to malfunctioning, and thus gumming up the works of the whole machine. Green living connoisseurs also complain that washer dryer combos are not as potentially energy efficient as their separate washer and dryer counterparts. These disadvantages can turn some homeowners off of the idea of investing in a washer dryer combo for their homes.

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