Wall Oven

If you are remodeling your kitchen or picking out appliances for new home you are purchasing, you will want to select the most efficient appliances available. When it comes to ovens, a wall oven is the preferred oven of choice for fussy cooks. Replacing an old freestanding oven with a new wall oven will give you a lot of added cupboard space. A wall oven is installed so that it looks like it is built into the cupboards that surround it. They are typically flush mounted so make sure you purchase one that will fit with your other cupboards.

Having a wall oven installed means that you will not have to bend over to see how the food is cooking inside. They usually have a front window that is just about eye level on most models. Elderly persons and the disabled appreciate having a wall oven as well. The oven can be installed to the appropriate height for a disabled person in a wheel chair, making it easier for them to put food in or get food out. Having the correct installation makes for an easier reach for someone who is seated in a wheel chair also. A wall oven is also great for someone who has a bad back too.

You can purchase a wall oven in just about any color. This makes them really easy to match with your other appliances. A lot of discerning cooks will opt for a wall oven that is really a double oven appliance. Double wall ovens are very popular and will allow you to cook different foods at different temperatures at the same time. They are also really useful for cooking large holiday meals for a lot of family members.

When shopping for a wall oven, keep in mind your kitchen’s power source. Is it an all electric kitchen or do you have the option to use a gas also? A gas wall oven costs less to operate than an electric oven and many cooks prefer gas over electricity. Once the heat is turned off, it is off so the oven cools down a lot faster than an electric oven. However, there are only a few gas oven manufacturers, whereas there are plenty of electric oven manufacturers. Just be prepared with the knowledge that your choice may be limited if you choose to go with a gas.

If you have your heart set on a single wall oven that is gas operated, check out the Maytag Gas Single Wall Oven, Model: CWG3100A. This is a great wall oven for the cook who prefers to have their kitchen outfitted with the simple design of a single oven or one who thinks that a double oven is an unnecessary addition to their kitchen. If you want a great single wall oven that is electric, the Frigidaire Easy Set Electric Single Wall Oven, Model: FEB24S2AS has gotten great reviews by consumers and is one to look at. These are just two models you can look for while shopping for a new wall oven for your kitchen.

One reason many cooks prefer a wall oven over a freestanding oven is the fact that most of them have multi-loop baking elements. The multi-loop elements allow for better heat distribution inside the oven so you can experience better baking results with this type of oven.

Modern technology has given us the option of having a wall oven with digital touch controls, timers and digital read out panels just like the new freestanding ovens have nowadays. This makes oven cleaning a lot easier on the outside. No more grease and dirt gathering in the control knobs or buttons. The digital control panels help the kitchen clean up seem like a breeze. Wall ovens also come in self-cleaning units as well. Now cleaning the wall oven is no longer a chore to dread. Single and double wall ovens can be easily found online and most are competitively priced.

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