Wall Mounted Stereo System

Most homes today contain some sort of stereo system for musical entertainment. Stereos now come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and many have differing features. They are manufactured under several brand names and choosing the best one for your musical enjoyment involves many factors. You of course want to ensure that your chosen stereo system has a good sound quality and will blend in with your existing home décor. Another thing to consider when choosing a new stereo system is the amount of space that you have available. A wall mounted stereo system gives you a wonderful solution to minimal space. These systems are very compact in size and take no floor space as well as very little wall space. Since they are mounted directly on the wall, the acoustics are much better and many feel that wall mounted systems give off a much better quality of sound than those that are placed on the floor or on entertainment center shelving.

Since they are mounted directly to the wall, which is immovable, there is less movement of the stereo system itself so there are fewer distortions of the overall sound. There are also fewer obstacles being placed between the stereo itself and the person who is listening to it. Another thing to consider is that sound quality is substantially increased when a stereo system is placed directly against the wall because the sound waves will then reflect off of the wall. There is no space between the stereo system and the wall which could distort or minimize the sound quality. If you purchase a stereo that is not mountable per se, you can actually mount it anyway using shelves that are specifically designed for stereo system wall mounting. Another advantage to a wall mounted stereo system is that it gives you the opportunity to make good use of corners or other areas of your wall that may not be suitable for other décor.

While a wall mounted stereo system can virtually be placed anywhere in a room, it is important for overall safety and sound quality that you mount it correctly and place it in the best possible area for optimum satisfaction of the system. The primary goal when placing a stereo system is to get the best sound possible from the system. Most sound experts will tell you that placing a sound system in the corner of the room offers the best quality of sound. This works perfectly for wall mounted units as they can be mounted directly in the corner of the room and still offers the acoustics from sound reflecting off of walls as well as the ceiling and floors. Be sure when you are mounting your stereo system on the wall that you keep it within easy reach. You want to place it at a convenient height and be able to access it with your remote control without other objects getting in the way. Keep in mind that fabrics such as curtains and carpets can absorb sound and create a muffling scenario. Be sure to keep your stereo system mounted as far as possible away from window treatments and other fabrics.

If you are purchasing shelves to mount your stereo system, be sure that you purchase those that are specifically designed for this task. You want to protect your system from falling and shelves that are not made to hold a stereo system may not support the weight from your system. Shelving can be purchased in a number of materials from wood to plastic and comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Choose the best shelving to match your existing décor. You may also want to purchase wall mounted CD racks and other compartments for holding your music and keeping it organized. Keeping these things in mind and choosing the best wall mounted stereo system for your home will give you years of musical enjoyment without worrying about taking up too much floor space in your home.

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