Wall Mounted Air Conditioner

A wall mounted air conditioner is something that many people consider when they do not have a central air system in their house but they want an air conditioner. In fact, for most people a wall mounted air conditioner is a more affordable option and is even something that they could install themselves on a free weekend. A wall mounted air condition can be a very effective and efficient way to cool the home if there isn’t a properly working central air system and that isn’t an option financially.

Probably the most commonly seen wall mounted air conditioner is the type that is mounted through the wall, not all that differently than window mounted units. The great thing here is that you are getting the same convenience you do with a window mounted unit but you don’t have something hanging out the window and you also don’t have to give up the view from the window so you continue to get good natural light. While you don’t give up the window space, one thing that many people don’t like about the wall mounted air conditioner is that it can be difficult to make it look good during the winter months and the hole will need to be sealed off otherwise you will lose heat through the space where the air conditioner sits.

While there are a couple disadvantages, the wall mounted air conditioner is very convenient. You don’t actually have to remove it during the winter months like you would a window unit, which is nice. Of course, if you don’t want something that you have to remove you will need to take your time and take care with the installation. The installation can be quite difficult because you cannot install the unit anywhere that there are pipes and electric wires running through the wall. If the home is made of brick or stone, it can be difficult if not impossible to cut a perfect hole that looks presentable when you are done.

If you install this type of wall mounted air conditioner you do not want to forget the special sleep that is inserted into the wall before the unit. This system is put into the whole to help support the weight of the unit. These sleeves are made of metal and have to be sized perfectly, often these sleeves come with the unit to ensure proper sizing.

If you don’t want to go through all of the steps to install this type of wall mounted air conditioner, you may want to check into a slightly more costly option, often referred to as the mini split type of air conditioner. This is a bit different in that the only thing that is on the outside of the house is a small compressor. Then, on the inside of the house there is a cosmetically appealing fan that will pull the cold air from the mini-split compressor on the outside of the house.

As you can see, there are a lot of options where a wall mounted air conditioner is concerned. You can choose to install just one of these in your home, or several depending on the size of your home. Some of these units will act not only as air conditioners, but also as heaters, so definitely check out your options and consider not only the installation process and price, but what you an get for your time and money. Think of the wall mounted air conditioner as an investment, doing it right the first time so you can reap the benefits of the installation of such a unit.

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