Walk Behind Brush Cutter

A walk behind brush cutter is somewhat different than a walk behind mower. There are a wide variety of styles, sizes and manufacturers of these cutters and the one that is best for your needs will depend on several different factors. Walk behind brush cutters are used to clear brush and other debris from lawns and wooded areas. Many models are durable and strong enough to allow you to completely clear your lawn from unwanted brush and small trees.

Some models allow you to easily tame overgrown property without causing too much stress on the back and leg muscles. These cutters easily clear away thick underbrush, weeds and tall grass that may be growing in and around your property. Trees up to several feet tall and saplings up to two inches thick can easily be taken down with a walk behind brush cutter. One popular brand of brush cutter is the Outback by Billy Goat. Walk behind cutters come in a variety of sizes with different sized engines, special features and different types of drive.

The most commonly chosen walk behind brush cutter for homeowners is a light use cutter. This is also often referred to as a brush mower. These are good choices for the average homeowner and allow you to cut taller and thicker weeds and grass than what you could comfortably cut with your standard lawn mower. While heavier or wet grass and weeds will typically clog and stall a traditional push or even riding lawn mower, a light duty walk behind brush cutter can easily clear these items and provide excellent clearing for areas around ponds and/or other wet or boggy areas. Walk behind brush cutters allow you to keep your property perfectly landscaped without requiring more costly heavy duty equipment and without the need of hiring landscape professionals to clear your land.

Walk behind brush cutters are good for several types of lawns and many different conditions. When choosing the best cutter for your needs you will first need to determine how much clearing you require. Take a look at your property and gauge the size of the brush that needs to be cleared. If you have many larger trees or saplings that need cut, you may need a medium duty cutter in order to properly handle the job. If however, you only have smaller saplings, briars or other brush, a light duty walk behind cutter should easily handle the job.

Determine how much you can afford to spend for your landscaping needs. While walk behind brush cutters are certainly not cheap, they are very affordable for the average home owner. Prices typically begin around $2,500 and increase depending on the size, specific features and the manufacturer. Given that these devices last for many years, the cost is well worth it for many homeowners. Specific features will have a direct bearing on the overall cost of the brush cutter that you choose. Many models are self-propelled which makes it much easier to cut brush. Most feature heavy duty steel blades that can cut through saplings up to two to three inches in thickness.

Other features may include lock in and out differential for handling different terrains, a pivoting deck that allows you to easily follow the contour of your land and tires that are puncture proof which means that you have no worries of running over something and needing to replace your tires. Optional attachments for your walk behind brush cutter may also be available including a snow blower attachment, an attachment for mowing the lawn and one for chipping wood. If you are unsure of just which size and type of walk behind cutter you need, be certain that you speak with a representative from the brand that you choose to help you to determine your needs regarding size, style and design.

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