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Are you tired of all the money you have to pay every month for the use of your traditional landline telephone calls? Perhaps you are a small business owner who needs to leave the office on an extended business trip and can not afford to miss your important phone calls. People who want more freedom to be away from home or out of town have the option now of switching over to internet phone calling.

You can buy a VoIP adapter for your existing phone equipment so that you can use it with internet phone technology or you can buy a new internet phone. A VoIP adapter is a small box that will connect your phone and router so that they can communicate with each other enabling you to take advantage of inexpensive internet long distance phone calls. After you connect your adapter, you phone will connect to the internet via your high speed modem.

An Internet phone call sounds very much like a normal phone line only it is sent over the internet via VoIP. The calls are as clear as a landline call. When you sign up with one of the VoIP service providers, they will send you a VoIP adapter. The adapter will act as the central point on the VoIP system. You can buy your own VoIP adapter if you want also. Some of them are very inexpensive while others can cost hundreds of dollars.

One really nice advantage that your VoIP adapter will give you is mobility. You can take your adapter with you when you travel and turn any phone that is available into your own personal phone if you have access to high speed internet too. That is because the adapter will be specially coded with your own VoIP telephone number which will have the area code that you have chosen. You will also be able to receive phone calls wherever you are just like you are were at home.

Look for a VoIP adapter that will fit your needs and that is compatible with your router. It should also be compatible with the VoIP service provider that you choose to go with or just use the one the service provider sends you. Business owners can save a lot of money on their monthly phone bill when they choose to switch over to a VoIP service provider. Many business owners just take their VoIP adapter with them now when they have to go on business trips. They can continue to make and receive business calls wherever they are. A wireless VoIP adapter is even more convenient because you can connect to the internet whenever you are in a WiFi hot spot like in an airport for instance. Even if your flight is delayed, you will still be able to use that down time to conduct your business calls. A VoIP adapter will also allow the integration of applications like web conferencing, making multiple calls at the same time, faxing and using your other computer applications. This technology is fantastic for small business owners who can not afford to miss calls while away. If you make a lot of business calls to a certain country, you can choose that area code so all you calls will be billed as though they are local calls. You may need to contact the VoIP service providers in that particular country to learn about their area codes.

A VoIP adapter will give you a lot of free features that you would have to pay for if you were using a traditional landline. Such features as Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Blocking, Call forwarding and voice mail do not cost more to use. The adapter, router and VoIP service provider can help solve a lot of your telephone business expenses.

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    After you find the right service for you, the next step would be to find the VoIP adapter that fits your needs the best, Most are capable of the same thing but some are capable of video and more.

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