Voice Activated Telephone

Voice recognition technology is used for many things, not just those automated telephone services that everyone hates. One of its more important applications is helping people with disabilities to use their telephone. A voice activated telephone is essential for someone who is not physically capable of using a regular telephone. It can be operated by voice if it has a dialer box connected to it, and there are also special telephones that have a dialer built into them. Some mobile phones can also be operated by voice if they have special software installed.

A voice activated telephone is controlled entirely by voice commands. The handset and buttons are not touched at all when making or receiving a call. Speaker phones are very popular for this because they can be used without lifting the handset. In most cases, a dialer is connected between the telephone and its wall socket. The dialer handles the connection but the telephone is still used for the conversation. It may only be a small box but some people prefer to spend a bit more money and get a telephone with voice recognition technology.

Anyone looking to buy a voice activated telephone should be careful not to pick up a hands free telephone by mistake. They are completely different and cannot be used as a substitute. A hands free telephone has a molded support that lets the handset sit comfortably on the shoulder, without needing to be held against the head. A regular telephone can be made hands free by simply purchasing a support and attaching it to the handset. However, it would not be of any use to someone who cannot lift the handset, such as a paraplegic.

The voice activated telephone was invented so that people with severe mobility problems could use it without having to pick up the headset. Even with a speaker phone, they find it very hard or impossible to press the tiny buttons. A much better option is a device that can answer calls and dial telephone numbers when it hears certain voice commands. Voice recognition technology is currently not good enough to detect everyone’s voice. It needs to be setup to detect the voice of just one person, but it could possibly work for people who have similar voices.

A dialer is a small box of electronics that sits next to the telephone. The cable from the wall socket is unplugged from the telephone and plugged into the dialer, and then a small jumper cord is used to hook up the dialer to the telephone. It does not require a battery or power adapter because it gets power from the cable, just like a telephone does. A dialer has a microphone that can pick up voice commands up to several feet away, so the user does not have to be right above the dialer for it to work.

Ideally, the voice recognition technology should be built into the telephone itself. A dialer box is a good solution when there is nothing else available, but it would be better to combine the two devices into one. There are a few special telephones that can be operated by voice commands but they are very expensive and not widely available. In some countries, it may be necessary to import one from overseas. Before doing so, find out if it will work on the country’s telephone network.

Before a dialer or voice activated telephone can be used, it needs to be setup with the voice patterns of the person who will use it. This is a lengthy sequence that involves saying certain words over and over. Telephone numbers can be associated with a spoken word, such as the name of a person or company. Obviously, the setup requires someone who can press buttons on the dialer and telephone, but it only has to be done once so this is not a big problem.

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