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In recent years, LCD TVs have become the more popular type on the market. The older tube TVs have disappeared from store shelves, and even plasma TVs are becoming less popular than they once were. Rising energy prices and concerns for the environment have driven demand for flat screens that use less power. Vizio manufacture and sell LCD TVs that are both affordable and energy efficient. The large range available ensures that most buyers can find a Vizio LCD TV model to suit their requirements and budget.

Vizio is an American company that makes and sells consumer electronics products. Founded in 2002, it quickly grew to become one of the largest sellers of LCD TVs in the United States. Vizio also sells high definition sound systems, Blu-Ray disc players, computer monitors, and accessories. In 2009, Vizio announced that they would cease selling plasma TVs to concentrate on their LCD TV business. There are now only a few plasma TV manufacturers left, and that number will surely decline in the future as LCD technology improves and prices fall even further.

LCD and plasma are the two main types of flat screen TV available today. Both types have their advantages but they also have a few downsides. There is currently a lot interest in LED displays, but these are actually LCD displays with a different type of backlight. Plasma displays are more suitable for watching movies in a dedicated home theater where the lighting can be maintained at a low level. For almost every other type of room, an LCD is a better choice because its picture looks better under normal lighting conditions. The strong backlight inside an LCD TV can easily overcome the natural and artificial light in a room, whereas the light from a plasma TV is not strong enough and gets washed out.

Currently, there are over fifty Vizio LCD TV models to choose from. They range from an inexpensive 19?model up to an impressive 55?model with LED backlighting, and there are many other sizes in between. All the models have a glossy piano-black finish, except for a couple that have silver speaker grills. Reducing power usage is important to many buyers, so they will be pleased to know that current Vizio models exceed EnergyStar guidelines by a significant amount. That means they are more economical to run, which saves money in the long term. They are also better for the environment than other flat screens which use more power.

There are several other features that make a Vizio LCD TV stand out from the crowd. One of the pet hates of many TV viewers is having to adjust the sound volume each time it changes unexpectedly. SRS True Volume evens out the annoying differences in sound volume that can occur between channels, and even between different programs on the same channel. Another audio feature is SRS TruSurround, which creates high definition surround sound for home theater setups. Every Vizio LCD TV comes with a number of HDMI inputs and other connectors for adding optical disc players, sound systems, gaming consoles, and other entertainment devices.

There are a number of accessories that can be used with a new Vizio LCD TV. High quality HMDI and component AV cables are available in six, fifteen, and thirty feet lengths. A universal mount allows a Vizio LCD TV to be fixed to a wall. Some mounts even have a swing arm that allows the TV to face a particular direction, so there is no need to sit directly facing the wall. High definition sound systems and Blu-Ray disc players are available, along with a number of universal remote controls. To avoid the hassle and cost of purchasing separate accessories, Vizio sells kits which include a flush wall mount and cables.

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