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When you purchase your computer, a new monitor may or may not be included. If your computer did not come with a monitor then you may need to purchase one separately. Other times you may need to purchase a new monitor could be because your monitor has stopped working correctly or you just want to upgrade to a larger or newer style monitor. Regardless of the reason you are purchasing a new monitor, you may be overwhelmed by all the choices you have when it comes to shopping.

The type of monitor you choose should be based on a few different factors. The first thing to consider is what type is compatible with your computer. If you have a newer computer then chances are any newer model computer monitor will work just fine, however older computer systems may not be compatible with the newer and more advanced style monitors. The second thing to think about is what size of a monitor you may want to purchase. Think about desk space and the screen size that you prefer. Also consider that some monitors are flat screened which takes up less space while others are a little bigger. If you want a flat screened monitor then you should be concerned mainly with the width of the monitor and whether it will fit in the location you want to place it. Lastly, when choosing a monitor you should really think about exactly what you use your computer for. If you just use your computer for typing and checking emails every once in a while then a basic monitor should suit the purpose. However if you enjoy watching videos and movies on your monitor then you may want a computer screen that is more similar to a TV than to a simple computer monitor.

If you are one of the people who use their computer constantly and for more than just typing here and there, then you should really consider a Viewsonic monitor. These monitors are especially wonderful for anyone who is also in need of a new television. The Viewsonic monitor serves two functions. It can be plugged into your computer and used as a monitor or it can be plugged directly into your cable and used as a television as well. College dorm rooms, home offices spaces, kid’s rooms and many others can greatly benefit from the multi-functional Viewsonic monitor.

With crystal clear imaging the Viewsonic monitor makes your computer and television a joy to watch. You can also purchase a Viewsonic monitor with a built-in DVD player which allows you to eliminate yet another piece of equipment that takes up space in your viewing area. The Viewsonic monitor is a LCD flat, wide screen HDTV and is extremely light weight. It has inputs for all your necessary equipment, such as cable, computer cords, HD boxes, gaming systems and others.

The Viewsonic monitor is one of the most convenient and smart computer monitors you can buy. Even if you do not need to use the monitor as a television, it is nice to know that if for some reason you needed too, your computer monitor could double as a TV. With 22” of viewing area, the Viewsonic monitor can be just the right size to fit in your space while giving you a big enough screen to enjoy working on the computer or watching movies without having to squint or worry about eye strain.

When you are thinking of purchasing either a new computer monitor or a new TV you should consider the Viewsonic monitor for the total viewing package.

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