Video to VGA Converter

These days our options for video and gaming are always expanding and getting better. Got an old analog TV or an older PC monitor that’s not in use? Want to use it for gaming, or watching DVD’s and videos? Well, then getting a video to VGA converter is what you’re looking for.

Of course, that’s not all a video to VGA converter is good for but that is its main use. It greatly improves the graphics on an old analog television set and always has excellent quality graphics on an older PC monitor even when you don’t have the PC or an internal video card. This device brings life to old dead TV’s and monitors that you thought you would have to just throw away. Well, don’t just throw them away yet!

Maybe your teenager is a big gamer and you’ve got an old monitor or small analog TV, well purchase a cheaper video to VGA converter and they can plug their Xbox or PS2 into it and go off and play while you watch the big game or your favorite cooking show. That is crazy cool, right?

A video to VGA converter allows you to play videos from a DVD player, watch video from a video camera, watch video on a VGA projector, play video games from a video game console at higher resolutions, and even make your multimedia presentations look much sharper and full of life. There are plenty of cool applications.

Most video to VGA converters will support different resolutions, including 640×480, 800×600, 1024×768, and even higher. There’s no software required and the set-up is a breeze, many of the higher end models will even have automatic resolution and picture clarity honing-in features.

The V2V Pro sells for around $40 dollars and is perfect for watching DVDs and playing video games from say a PS2 or PS3. This model doesn’t automatically adjust your picture settings, but you’ll find that messing around with the contrast, brightness, saturation, and resolution for a few minutes will create a great picture, much better than you could hope for on a monitor without a video card or on many television sets.

The Ambery Ultra Video to VGA Converter costs just a few dollars more but you get a good bit more features with this model. It has standard video and s-video inputs and can be connected to a projector, computer monitor, Plasma LCD screen, an LCD flat panel screen, an HDTV monitor, or a home theatre. How’s that for versatility? There are 3 resolution settings going all the way up to 1366×768 if your screen will support that resolution quality. The contrast, brightness, tint, and color are all automatically adjusted by the converter. And you’ll always get a full screen display even with a 4:3 screen setting or a 16:9 widescreen display. NTSC/PAL systems are automatically detected as well. This model retails from somewhere between $50 and $60 dollars.

A higher end model with greatly superior resolution and picture will cost you into the hundreds of dollars. A mid-range model would be the Black Box Video to VGA Video Converter which runs about $150 dollars. It has multiple s-video inputs, set up is extremely easy and it supports any type of video input. The higher cost, in this case, buys you a much better picture and resolution. Of course your monitor had better be able to support a higher solution or it’s not a good investment.

If you have a much older TV or monitor then going with a lower cost option makes sense, but if you have something that’s decent and you really want great video quality then spending the extra money on a better converter is the way to go in that case.

For high end multimedia presentations in the business world it may be best to go with an even higher end video to VGA converter. It depends on your audience, but if they expect high end graphics and you need to impress them then it’s a good investment for sure. The Black Box Video Ultimate Plus Scan Converter is something that will fit the bill. It was created for just such work and the graphics displays are simply stunning. As usual there is no awkward software to install, it’s just plug and play which makes it much easier for business meeting across different venues.

A video to VGA converter gives the consumer many more options to enjoy excellent video from any source, especially on older TVs and monitors. So don’t throw out that old monitor, for an extra $30 to $40 dollars you can put it back to work for you. Very smart.

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