VGA Splitter

Gaming as we know it has now taken on a whole new form. People are now going crazy over PC gaming and even console gaming continues to have its popularity increasing daily. Currently millions of gamers are spending hours upon hours in front of their computers, and that’s where VGA Splitters work like a treat. A VGA splitter cable allows you to connect to a second monitor, this will not only change the fact that you have two funky monitors, but allow you to game a lot more hardcore, and even be more organized.

The ability to play your game and watch all of your movies on more than one screen at the same time really does make the most of your computer. Gamers and small business owners will use two flat screen LCD monitors that are at least 25 inches in size. The splitter cable is used simply because it will be able to connect the two monitors from your PC monitor to your computer tower, or additionally your laptop which can be even more useful.

Before you go out and purchase your first VGA splitter cable, you should jot down a few key features that you may need to learn about, such as what type of video card is installed in your computer, and additionally, how many spare ports are available?

You will need at least one spare port on your video card, otherwise the graphics you get will be very poor compared to what you’re probably expecting. There are many different brands of cards, some cheap and some not so cheap, that you may purchase online. Many of these come with a variety of extra ports that you can easily utilize so shop around online and find the best discounts by researching and reading others reviews. It will help you a lot in the long run.

Saving money isn’t going to be hard with a VGA splitter, even when you decide to go for a copper plated or even a gold plated you will not be spending more than $25 in most cases, which again is still very cheap for such an amazing piece of equipment. If you aren’t happy with the picture quality, then you can buy an adapter that allows you to tweak minor settings in order to come up with the best picture.

Just remember that when splitting any signal into 2 pieces, you are going to experience a bit of signal degradation, so don’t be surprised.

For those of you that are not very gifted with computers and if setting up two monitors sounds scary, don’t worry. As long as you purchase the correct part, you shouldn’t have any troubles at all. You will receive basic instructions, which should also tell you which tools you need on hand. However, you probably will have the correct tools to begin with, so the entire process shouldn’t take you much longer than ten to fifteen minutes. Before you do buy your cable though please make sure you are familiar with the splitter cable pins that are required.

If you are still having trouble, you can always hire someone to help you out. However, if you can plug-in a DVD player or PC monitor, then it should be gravy. If you have the money I’d say to purchase two LCD computer monitors and link them together, LCD monitors are the best I’ve ever used, as the brand of Samsung is definitely my #1 choice, I’ve had it well over four years and it’s still going strong.

There’s simply nothing like having 2 monitors to work from. It not only increases productivity, but makes working so much more stress-free, which is my favorite part about using a VGA splitter.

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