VGA Cooler

Have you ever noticed that your computer makes a very distracting noise when you are trying to watch a movie? This is because the Video Graphics Card is overheating. Not only can this be a bit of a nuisance, but it can also be harming the hard drive. To get the best out of your computer, you need to purchase a VGA Cooler. This will solve any problems, or stop any potential problems from arising. Today, you can get a VGA Cooler for a very reasonable price. There are ones that will be better suited to frequent users, and ones that would be better suited for users who just want to quiet everything down, but there is certainly something for everyone. Let’s take a look at some VGA Coolers and what they do.

For a more advanced and frequent user, considering the Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme 2900 would be a good idea. This particular model will cool the entire card meaning that the best results are produced. As well as this, the Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme 2900 features three 80mm PWM fans that rotate at a very impressive speed of 900-2000 RPM. This brand of VGA Cooler has a unique fan holder, which cuts out any noise that could be made by the fan itself. If all of this wasn’t enough, the product comes with a six year warranty meaning that should any problems arise, you can get it sorted very easily.

This next VGA cooler is still equipped for frequent use, however, it would be more suited to someone who uses the video card now and again. It would have no problem coping with a frequent user, but it is not as capable as the previous VGA Cooler mentioned. This model has four heat pipes, meaning that the overall performance is brilliant. This one only has two fans, however, they are extremely quiet which gives this model a huge plus point. Also, the fan speed is very impressive, at 2200 RPM. The product description for this VGA Cooler states that it is designed for high-end and mid range ATI and nVIDIA graphic cards.

The next cooler to consider is a fairly new model, it is the Scythe Musashi VGA Cooler. The Japanese company behind this model have a reputation for reliable coolers and other appliances, so you can be sure that you are buying quality. Now, the Scythe Musashi VGA Cooler is compatible with a huge range of video graphic cards, so it is highly likely that it will be suite to yours. If you are unsure then you can check on the products website. There is something unique about this VGA Cooler. It has a dual fan that can be controlled by the user. It also offers the option to detach one fan and use the single fan mode, which can also be controlled manually.

The final model to look at is the Evercool Mini UFO Universal VGA Cooler. This particular model is at a budget price of $8.99, so is suitable for anyone on a tight budget. Many people would be put off by the cheap price, but the features are actually impressive. It is compatible with any card from the ATI and nVIDIA range, so it would be suited to a lot of users. The cooler itself is made of aluminum, so it is a very sturdy product at a brilliant price.

There are many, many more VGA Coolers to consider, the above products just show a brief outline of what any potential customer should consider. A VGA Cooler can not only protect the hard drive itself from overheating, but it can quieting down that annoying noise that is often produced. Also, prices range from very high to exceptionally cheap, so there is something for everyone.

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