Ventless Dryer

A dryer generally requires a dryer vent in order to operate properly. The dryer vent is responsible for exhausting the hair from the tube connected to the dryer to outside your house. This is usually an essential part of your dryer setup but you also have the option of purchasing a ventless dryer. A ventless dryer, also known as a condenser dryer, does not require a dryer vent to operate properly.

Besides the elimination of the dryer vent tube, there are many benefits to investing in a ventless dryer. For example, a ventless dryer is completely portable as there are no tubes limiting how far away the machine can be placed. In some cases you can also find a ventless dryer included with a washing machine, and in this case they are commonly built in or stacked one on top of the other.

Aside from the obvious advantages of owning a ventless dryer, you also have to look at the disadvantages that occur by opting to this type of drying machine. A ventless dryer will require extra care and maintenance. You will also have to factor in the efficiency of ventless dryers before determining if you are going to purchase one or not.

What Makes a Ventless Dryer Different?
While a vented and ventless dryer both are used for the same reason and function nearly the same, there are some differences between the two. For instance, a vented dryer will use air from near the machine, heat it up, and then transfer it into the machine where it dries your clothes.

A ventless dryer has a different design inside the machine though as there is a heat exchanger which allows used air to be recycled and used over again. The primary reason for the exhaust tube is to get rid of used air which becomes moist, but the heat exchanger does this and eliminates the need for the venting system.

As the hot air continues to get recycled, the moist collects and is stored until you remove it. This is the main area where maintenance can be an issue and it may affect your decision on whether you want to buy this type of dryer or not.however, there are some systems which allow for the water that collected over time to be drained and this is a less stressful option of maintaining your ventless dryer.

Cooling System in a Ventless Dryer
The cooling systems in ventless dryers are very effective. There are two different systems found in these machines. The first being an air cooling system, which can be very beneficial. While this is beneficial for cooling the air within the machine, it can cause your room to heat up substantially.

A cool environment would be best for this reason as you do not want the dryer to cause any heat or humidity issues. There are also alternatives for this issue as you can purchase a water cooled ventless dryer instead, but it will require water to operate fully.

Are Ventless Dryers Worth Buying?
There are definitely both advantages and disadvantages to owning a ventless dryer. In some situations it may the best choice but it will depend on what is most important to you. For instance, someone living in a smaller apartment may benefit dramatically from a ventless dryer. However, you have to make sure you purchase the best model possible.

Just decide if the pros outweigh the cons. What is more important to some people may be less important to others. If regular maintenance will be an issue for you then you may want to avoid a ventless dryer. If you are looking for a compact machine that is convenient in a smaller area then this should be a great choice for you.

However, the ventless dryer can expel damp air throughout your room and this can be a serious issue if not cared for properly. You will also need to make sure you choose a high quality machine as some work very poorly and are not worth investing in. Ultimately there are a lot of things to factor in when deciding if you should purchase a ventless dryer or not. Use this information to further make an educated decision, and if you do decide to buy a ventless dryer, then read into what the best models available within your budget are.

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