Ventilation Hood

For a modern household, ventilation is a regular routine to let the bad air out of the living environment. Keeping a window open of a room may seem sufficient, but for a kitchen it is a completely different scenario. In a modern day kitchen, there are so many unwanted and invisible germs and bacteria frolicking in the air without anyone knowing. It is not only harmful for the human respiratory system but it also pollutes the meals being cooked in that kitchen. Thus, a ventilation hood is not an accessory for the modern kitchen but rather a necessity.

The design usually depends on taste. Some household likes a camouflaged ventilation hood that does not stand out in the soft homely kitchen. It can be covered with deco faux wood work with classic geometric shapes that does not stand out. Or they have some sort of mantel made to fit the ventilation wood fit inside it and does not appear visible to the naked eye. On the other hand, modern kitchens like edgy chimney shaped ventilation hoods, with sharp geometric shapes that signify cutting edge design. They are mostly made of sleek stainless steel.

The main issue is, however, no matter how trendy the ventilation hood looks, technology is the burning point. Savvy engineering is just as important as looks. Most of the ventilation hoods perform with the simple law of physics. It consists of two blowers. One ventilates the air out of the kitchen, and the smaller one situated in the front creates an air foil that helps to sustain the air that are shifting upwards. This provides the original blower some extra time to ventilate more hair, making it very efficient.

There is also an alternative option where instead of the main mesh blower, engineers install a 4 thin panels that creates a compact space for the air to flow through. This helps control the speed of ventilation as the flow increases while transcending from a larger to smaller space. This method is called “Parametric Suction”. The perimeter aspiration system has a narrow slit which helps the air flow through the glass cylinder faster. Another system is to mount the blower in another part like the attic, this way it does not appear under the naked eye and the ventilation hood does not make much noise either.

Kenmore 36 in. Professional Style Range Hood with Heat Sentry” Detection comes at a hefty price of 593.99 USD. It has a very high range of customer satisfaction. It functions very efficiently. It has multiple features such as a little shelf that keeps the food warm. It is also very pleasant to look at.

CP37I482SB Best 48″ Hood Liner Insert with 1200 CFM Blower – Stainless Steel has a modern touch to it. The many of its features contain smooth stainless steel finishing along with auto censor that speeds up the blower when escess heat is created while cooking. It comes in the price of 1,585.00 USD.

Kenmore Elite 42 inch Updraft Range Hood with 3-Setting Halogen Lighting – 5522 is also a price friendly ventilation hood suitable for a quaint kitchen. It received great customer satisfaction as it is very easy to install and the halogen lights attached to it gives the cooking space a pleasant glow and costs less than 300 USD.

Miele DA249-4SS 36″ Wall Mounted Ventilation Hood Stainless Steel is a very cutting edge looking hood suitable for a modern vibe kitchen. It looks very sleek and it is very easy and simple to install as well. The price starts from $2,199.00.

It is well advised to choose and install ventilation hoods after a through observation of the cooking area such as the size of the stove and the distance from stove to the area where the hood should be placed in order to avoid mishaps.

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