Vegetable Steamer

There are many ways to improve your health and starting with changing the way you eat is a great first step. The way that we prepare our foods can make a huge difference in the amount of fat, calories and nutrients that we consume on a daily basis. As most people are aware, frying foods or smothering them with butter, grease or oils only causes us to pack on the pounds. This can raise our body’s cholesterol levels and increase our risk for obesity and heart disease. Food preparation is an essential part in maintaining a healthy body.

One of the best ways to prepare your food for a healthy diet is by steaming instead of frying. Steaming your vegetables and other foods not only allows for the nutrients to remain inside the food but it also prevents the food from being soaked in unhealthy fats. Steamed vegetables are very flavorful and offer a very low calorie option.

There are several types of vegetable steamers that you can purchase. Some are simple and small while others are larger and capable of steaming other food items besides vegetables. You may be interested in a basic vegetable steamer that is fairly inexpensive or you may enjoy a vegetable steamer that has a few more features for different cooking options.

Many of the vegetable steamers that are available can be used in the cookware that you already own. By preventing the water level to cover the vegetables, you can purchase a steamer that fits in a pot or pan. The water will boil under the vegetable steamer and once covered with a lid, the steam from the boiling water will then steam your vegetables to the desired tenderness. When steaming your vegetables this way it is important to keep a close eye on the boiling water to make sure the vegetables to not become over cooked.

There are also vegetable steamers that you can purchase that are made completely different from those used with your pots and pans. These are actual kitchen appliances that are used specifically for steaming vegetables and other foods. You may find a vegetable steamer that comes as a combo steamer and rice cooker. These machines give you the ability to cook other foods in a healthy way as well as your vegetables. The features on these machines can vary but most come with a timer which allows you to monitor how tender your steamed vegetables become. Many of these appliance will even have separate steaming sections which gives you the option of steaming different types of vegetables and foods at the same time without mixing them together.

Vegetables steamers can be purchased as most department stores that offer small kitchen appliances. If you choose to purchase a steamer that fits in your current pots and pans, then you should be able to find these any where that cookware is sold. When trying to determine which vegetable steamer to purchase you may appreciate shopping online in order to read reviews on each type of steamer before buying one. Many people like the simplicity of steaming vegetables on the stove top whereas others may find that it is much more convenient to purchase a machine made just for steaming. You can even find vegetable steamers that fit directly in the microwave for an even easier way of eating healthier without having to boil water or get out a separate steaming machine.

Vegetable steamers come in a variety of styles and a variety of prices. So when it comes to making your choice as to which vegetable steamer to purchase, you will have many options to choose from.

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