UV Air Purifier

UV or ultraviolet air purifiers are becoming more and more popular. People who live with health conditions such as asthma, lung problems and respiratory problem will breathe much better with a UV air purifier. The pollutants in the air are made up of dead skin and about 300 different allergens. They are invisible but can you imagine if they weren’t? These pollutants come from the furnaces, boiler and often the environment through open windows and doors.

Some of these allergens that you may find if you examined the air under a microscope are mold, mildew, pet dander, pollen, bacteria, germs and house dust just to name a few. These allergens may cause a health risk of asthma, ear infections, headaches sinus problems, depression, hay fever and breathing problems. Even if you have never had any of these problems before, if you continue to live in an environment where these allergens are produced then you could develop one of more of these problems.

The UV air purifiers are the best weapon we have against fighting off these allergens. Of course we could try to eliminate some of these problems such as wear a face mask or get rid of our pets but the problems still exist because once the allergens become airborne they land on such things as furniture, clothes and even the ceilings and the walls. If you are going to treat the problem then treat it right.

Doctors used to prescribe medications to alleviate some symptoms such as sneezing, coughing and headaches. But with today’s technology m more doctors are suggesting to patients that get a UV Air Purifier to cleanse the home of these contaminates. Some of these can be a bit expensive but it is worth the price to get healthy. Air quality is very important especially if there are infants and elderly people in the home.

The UV air purifiers offers a better way to purify the air, with a lot of research that was done, it was discovered that by using the UV rays they have effectively lessened the health risks of the common cold, the flu, smallpox, measles and even tuberculosis. If a UV rays can decrease a health risk like small pox can you imagine what it could do for mold and mildew.

When you are shopping for a UV air purifier, you want to get a model that has a high efficiency, the higher the better. There are UV air purifiers that are rated by Energy Star Rating Systems of 99.97 %. Don’t settle for less, you always have to remember that this is your health and the health of your family.

You also want to make sure that the UV air purifier uses a HEPA filter; these are actually the best for use with air purifiers. Each UV air purifier has different features; some offer a Multi Tech Air Purification System that is trademarked by the Surround Air UV Systems. Other features include washable duct collector plates, Monitoring Systems and an Activated Carbon Filters.

Some facts that have been documented for the UV Air Purifier, the Center of Disease Control or CDC recommend that UV Air Purifiers are used in homeless shelters and group homes in order to prevent the spread of disease.

UV lights should be used in buildings for indoor air quality and that the government states that the UV lights should be used in all air handler units to help improve the air quality in government buildings. If UV lights and Air Purifiers are good enough for the government then they should be good enough to be used in our homes.

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