Utility Sinks

Utility sinks are designed for heavy-duty use. They are most commonly used in garages, basements, and laundry rooms. Utility sinks are used to clean almost anything in them including car parts, your hands, and even your pets. They all feature a large design and some of them are even visually appealing as well.

Types of Utility Sinks
There are two general types of utility sinks, indoor and outdoor. Based on the name of the types of sinks you should already know what they are used for. Indoor utility sinks are made with materials that are visually appealing and meant to be showed off within your home.

Outdoor utility sinks are made with heavy-duty materials but they are not very visually appealing. Some of the more common types of materials that are used for outdoor utility sinks include fireclay and stainless steel.

With the indoor utility sinks, you can find many different designs that are visually appealing. These sinks are designed with functionality and appearance in mind. The materials used to create these sinks may be durable but they are not as heavy duty as the outdoor utility sinks. These will be fine for indoor use though, and you will be able to find a design scheme that matches the rest of the room perfectly.

The Basic Design of a Utility Sink
Utility sinks are known for being much more wider and deeper than typical bathroom and kitchen sinks. The utility sink can be installed with a floor or wall mount, or feature a drop-in design. The main benefit of the standard utility sink design is that the sink is sized large enough to fit almost anything into it. The basic design of the outdoor utility sinks is also great as it allows you to use it for gardening purposes and even can be beneficial when barbequing.

Outdoor utility sinks that are created to be used with your garden will include a hose that can be attached to the sink faucet. This will allow you to use the outdoor sink as a water hose for gardening purposes. Indoor utility sinks that are kept for laundry room use are useful for washing stains out of clothes. Really, there are many different types of utility sink designs and they can all be useful in some sense in any room of your house.

Choosing a Utility Sink to Buy
The very first thing you will have to consider is what you are using the utility sink for. If you are using it to wash items inside your house, then go for an indoor model. If you are using it to wash tools outside, and in collaboration with your garden, then go for an outdoor model.

There are many other features of a utility sink that you will want to consider when choosing one to buy. One major factor would be the amount of faucets that you want the sink to include, usually between one and three. The amount of sinks should also be considered, as a two-sink design may be more beneficial for your use. Also, if there are many people using the utility sinks and you feel that they may often be occupied, having a double sink would be very beneficial.

You can find floor models of utility sinks as well. You may want to buy this type of utility sink if you plan on using the sink when washing your pets, cleaning shoes, and doing similar tasks.

There is really an unbelievable amount of things that can be cleaned with any type of utility sink so having one will automatically reap many benefits at some point for you. If you have a specific purpose for the sink then it should be factored into what type of sink you decide to buy. Ultimately, you should take a look at the different designs of utility sinks available and consider which one would best suit your needs before making a purchase.

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