USB Wireless Routers

Creating a small network between a number of computers is no longer an obstacle thanks to technology. A wireless router can help to transfer documents easily from one computer to several others. The information is sent as data packets, which consists of address information. This helps to indicate whether it is to be transferred to a PC in the same network, or whether it should be sent to a completely different network. A wireless router can really make networking easy and hassle free. Previously, wireless routers needed to be connected to the modem or DSL cable, but now it can be accessible by simply plugging it into one of the USB ports in the PC. USB wireless routers are a popular choice for networks consisting of a few PCs.

It may sound like a basic Ethernet operation but it is not. For example, in a network based on Ethernet, the entire network will be able to view the sent and received files from one another. If the network is of a large company with lots of divisions such as a newspaper, the files exchanged between writers and the editors may not be necessary for the people at marketing and finance. A router can solve this problem by dividing the network, which will require the address of the receiver to be specified. Thus, employees of other departments will not be bothered by documents that are of no use to them. The router also makes sure that the network does not get clogged up due to transferring large amounts of data. Even though these two tasks are different, they rely on each other a lot. Another significant job for the router is that it can determine the pathway between the host PC and the internet providers. Routers can vary in power, simple routers can connect 2 or 3 home PCs, while a slightly larger one can connect an entire office. The large, stand alone routers are somewhat similar to supercomputers and can create a network in a vast area.

The USB wireless routers are absolutely cable free. Some of them also come in mixed choices with both wireless and wired options. They all come with LAN ports, WAN ports and a wireless antenna to receive signals. LAN ports are basically used when there are a few computers, but WAN has a wider range that provides connection with the internet for several computers. It also allows reaching outside networks. The antenna works to receive signals from other wireless devices commonly relying upon WiFi.

Synet Windy31 USB Wireless Router is a brilliant choice with great customer satisfaction. It costs under $50 and it is extremely easy to use. It automatically sets itself up after plugging it in to the USB port and can connect with any sort of WiFi enabled gadgets such as PDA’s, gaming consoles, cell phones and other PCs and laptops. It includes a bandwidth of 2.4 GHz and comes in a compact size and a one year warranty.

Belkin N+ Wireless Router is arguably the most popular brand among routers, and its price range between $70 and $150. The best part about this router is that it is extremely reliable and performs consistently. However, it does not provide a dual band support like other routers.

Linksys WRT610N Simultaneous Dual-N Band Wireless Router is the all in one router. It is comparatively expensive, starting from $150 to $ 200, but, the customer reviews show that this device is worth the price tag. It provides a bandwidth from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz and tests have shown that it works quite well from long ranges. However, customers have suggested that there are rooms for improvement.

Before making a purchase on any wireless router, it is best to discuss with a tech consultant first if one is not sure of what specifications is needed to create the required network.

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