USB TV Tuner

If you are looking for a way to watch television shows or movies on your desktop computer or laptop then you will need a USB TV tuner. The tuner includes input ports which connect to your television’s output ports. Digital and analog signals will travel in coaxial cables and sometimes composite video cables. The signals will travel through the cables, enter the USB TV tuner, and convert the signal into video to be displayed on your computer. The only connection made from the TV tuner to the computer is the USB cable which connects to the USB port found on your computer.

With a USB TV tuner you can watch television programs on your computer with just a little bit of effort. There are other possible ways to take advantage of the TV tuner device but the basic streaming of video is the most common. When choosing a USB TV tuner to use you will also have to be very selective as the picture quality and overall performance of each TV tuner will vary.

What You Can Do With a USB TV Tuner
Besides transferring live video from your television to your computer, there are a few other things you can do with the USB TV tuner. One example of what you could do with the TV tuner would be controlling the video that is being streamed. You would be able to pause, rewind, and fast-forward the video through your computer.

There are some USB TV Tuners that allow you to automatically burn any video that is streamed to a DVD disc. This feature can be customized according to your needs, such as scheduled recordings or screenshots of the video.

Got A Collection of VHS Tapes? Update Them to DVD’s!
A cool trick you could take advantage of with the USB TV tuner is using it to record VHS tapes to DVD discs. Many people have a large collection of VHS tapes that are stored away and not used anymore simply because DVD’s are what are most common nowadays. A DVD/VHS combo machine would be useful if you want to watch these VHS tapes still but it may not be the best choice. If you could convert your VHS tapes to DVD discs then they would be much easier to store and you could watch various old classic movies more often.

The USB TV tuner can record any video displayed on your television whether it’s a television show displayed on cable, a video from your VHS player, or even the ending scene of your favorite video game. Anything you want to record from your television or even create a live feed of onto your computer can be accomplished with a USB TV tuner. Some tasks may require manipulation of the device but it is usually rather simple. Converting VHS tapes to DVD discs is a great way to take advantage of the USB TV tuner, allowing you to copy VHS movies and home videos onto DVD discs.

USB TV Tuner as a Personal Video Recorder
The USB TV tuner may seem like a very simple device that does very little but that is far from the truth. There are many ways you can take advantage of a USB TV tuner. Another example of what you could do with the device is using it as a personal video recorder. This can be accomplished by using the device to record video from your television and save it onto your computer’s hard drive. This will allow you to view the video at a later date, burn it to a DVD, or do whatever you want with it.

Final Thoughts
While you are recording the video and saving it to your computer you can also watch a separate television program on your television at the same time. This means that you can take advantage of the USB TV tuner without it interfering with you using your television. This is especially beneficial if you plan on using the USB TV tuner to record video from VHS tapes.

A USB TV tuner can be bought for anywhere from $50 to $200. The price of the device will vary by brand, model, and more. There are also internal TV tuners which are basically cards that are installed inside of your computer. A USB TV tuner is usually more convenient and would be your best option if you plan on using the device with your laptop at any time.

Ultimately, a USB TV tuner is a great device which can be extremely useful for a number of reasons, most of which were already stated in this article. This is definitely a worthwhile investment as for just a small price you can get more enjoyment out of TV shows, movies, and other forms of video.

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