USB Turntable

There are many people who find the hobby of record collecting enjoyable and exciting. Since records were one of the first ways to listen to recorded music many people still have a large selection of records in their possession. Unfortunately listening to records may not be as easy as they are to collect. Finding a decent record play today has become difficult. Not to mention that you can not exactly take your record collection or record player along with you when you travel. This may prevent you from having access to many of your favorite songs from the good old days.

Fortunately there is a new piece of equipment that has become available for those who have a record collection and are looking for a way to convert some of their music to a more convenient way of listening. The USB turntable is the perfect item for any avid record collector. The USB turntable is like a record player, but instead of playing records like you would normally through a speaker system it connects directly to your computer through a USB port. With the proper program you can then convert all of your records into CD’s or MP3’s. This allows you to take your records with you in the car, on a plane, to your friend’s house or anywhere else you may want to listen to them. For anyone who enjoys listening to the older classic songs that originally came out on a record, this piece of equipment can really enhance their music listening experience.

Although there are several different types of USB turntables available, many people have never even heard of them before. They are gaining in popularity especially with the generations that grew up listening to records. If you know of someone that still enjoys older records then this may be the perfect gift. Simply place the record on the turntable, plug the USB turntable into the USB port and allow the program to do the recording.

Most USB turntables work with a variety of computers but before you purchase your new USB turntable make sure it will be compatible with the type of computer and software that you currently have. You will need to make sure you have a working USB port that can be used. You will also need to purchase a USB turntable that works with your type of records. Some USB ports are compatible with 33.3 rpm, 45 rpm and 78 rpm records. Others may only be able to work with one or two types of records so check that feature if you have records of all types to copy.

Fortunately the USB turntables are not very expensive and are reasonably priced for what they can do. You can find a simple USB turntable that starts around $70 or one that has more advanced features that run up between $100 and $200. Many people prefer to choose their USB turntable based on features alone while others choose to purchase a USB turntable that is more stylish and matches some of their other equipment. If you enjoy spinning records along with converting and recording them then there are other more advanced turntables that can be purchased that have more features that allow for better spinning and recording. These would be more ideal for a D.J. rather than someone who just enjoys easy listening of records.

Purchasing a USB turntable may be as easy as locating one on the internet and ordering it. However if you have questions about USB turntables then you should purchase one through a company that has good customer service or find one at a store that has someone that can recommend a great USB turntable for you. Once you have found the one that works for your needs you will be happy you made the investment and can listen to your favorite songs anywhere you want to go.

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