USB Touchpad Mouse

The first computer mouse was invented about 35 years ago by a man named Douglas Englebart. Since then there have been many chances and updates made to the computer mouse to the point where now there is a USB touchpad mouse available to the public. The touchpad mouse does not look at all like the normal computer mouse that most people use. This is a flat device that can be used by touching and pressing on it. A USB touchpad mouse can be used by someone with disabilities that would prevent them from using a conventional computer mouse. People who work with computers and who need to use their mouse a lot will often develop problems with their wrist, arm or shoulder because of repetitive movements. A USB touchpad mouse can be used instead to help reduce the wear and tear on the wrist as there is very little movement needed. A touchpad is often referred to as a trackpad by some people as well.

A USB touchpad mouse is a plug play and device that uses innovative touchpad technology. With touchpad technology all you have to do is glide your finger over the smooth surface of the touchpad and gently tap or click the buttons for cursor movement and other functions. If you have ever used a laptop, chances are you know how a touchpad works and have already used this technology. With a touchpad you do not have to navigate through programs by moving around a mouse. You just use your finger to glide over the touchpad.

A USB touchpad mouse connects to the computer or laptop using the USB port. You can also use a USB touchpad mouse with PDAs and some Media players like Zune. There are several brands on the market now, all with variations that use touchpad technology. These touchpad devices are typically very small in size. A USB touchpad mouse has both right and left click functions, which can be activated by tapping each area for the function you want to use on the pad. It is very easy to activate the scrolling function by gliding your finger along the touchpad edge. You can purchase a USB touchpad mouse that is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. Using a USB touchpad makes more comfortable and easier than ever to control your computer. Many people like to use a USB touchpad mouse rather than a conventional mouse because it is easier on their wrists. Since the touchpad mouse is flat it is easier to take with you when traveling too.

A USB touchpad mouse is ergonomically designed so that it is much easier to use. Little or no movement at all is needed from your wrist, shoulder, arm or hand. Using the touchpad on a laptop may be uncomfortable for some people who can get frustrated if their hand touches the touchpad on the laptop accidentally, which can cause the curser to move unintentionally. These people still like how a touchpad works though and getting a USB touchpad mouse can be just what they need for smoother use of their laptop or computers without the frustrations that built in touchpads can cause. You can position the touchpad exactly where it is most comfortable for you. You can use a USB touchpad mouse even in bed while relaxing with your laptop as well. Just hold it in one hand and point and operate it with your other hand.

There are different USB touchpads on the market. They all work much the same way. Prices can vary from about $29 up to $65 depending on who you buy from. The touchpad mouse can be found online or at your local computer and electronic stores everywhere.

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