USB to HDMI Adapter

The main purpose of a USB to HDMI adapter is to allow you to have a connection from your computer directly to your HDTV. You will notice that all computers, whether PC desktops or laptops, come with numerous USB ports. These specific ports will allow you to connect your computer to various other peripherals. In order to connect a USB to HDMI adapter to your computer you simply need to connect the USB section to your computer and the HDMI section directly into your HDTV.

When a USB to HDMI adapter connection is established between your computer and HDTV, you will actually find that your HDTV will automatically become a computer monitor that can be controlled by you via your laptop or computer. You will then merely need to reboot your computer and turn your HDTV on. Once your HDTV is on you should press the input button and then scroll down the listings until you come to the PC section. You may actually find that with certain models of computer you will initially have to disconnect your computers monitor’s analogue cord, which is typically located at the back of the monitor. The reason you should do this is because you are no longer trying to establish an analogue connection, but rather a digital connection. However, with that said, certain models will allow you to have both analogue and digital running at the same time without any fear of interference. The best way in which you can test this is if the screen that is displayed on your computer monitor is the same as is displayed on your HDTV, then there will be no need to disconnect the analogue cord. However, if you find that the displays are different, then you will definitely need to disconnect your computer monitor’s analogue cord.

There are various advantages of using a USB to HDMI Adapter. The most obvious advantage is that you no longer have to connect the analogue monitor cable to your HDTV, but can now have a digital connection instead. This will allow you to have full use of all the HDTV capabilities. So you should notice that your picture is far clearer and sharper. Your HDTV display is based on a pixel to pixel display. This will basically mean that the information transferred from your computer system to your HDTV monitor will not be stretched and will appear normal just as it should. You will also find that the resolution is infinitely better than that of your computer monitor. In most cases an HDTV screen will be far larger than a computer monitor, thus allowing you a larger display.

Another advantage of using a USB to HDMI adapter is that you will now automatically have audio. Unfortunately, if you merely choose to connect your computer’s analogue monitor cord to your HDTV then you will have to use your computer speakers for audio and sound purposes. However, you will find that modern day computer speakers are a vast improvement on what they once were. But you will, of course, be restricted to the maximum volume of your computer speakers. When you use the USB to HDMI adapter you also have the full use of your HDTV’s sound system. Therefore, if you have surround sound theatre setup on your HDTV you will be able to use this for the audio that is transferred from your computer system. Additionally, you can also use your HDTV remote control to control the volume levels. This will, of course, allow you are far wider range of sounds than your computer speakers will ever be capable of producing.

The possibilities of using a USB two HDMI adapter are literally endless. Whatever you usually listen or watch on your computer screen can now be automatically transferred onto your HDTV. This will mean that you are able to watch videos and movies, or listen to music and even flick through your music playlist via your HDTV. Anything that you are able to do on your computer monitor, you will now be out to do on your HDTV. This will allow you much larger display and clearer picture.

One of the most common uses of this form of technology is to view Internet streaming services on your HDTV. Many people do not like to be tied to a TV schedule and Internet streaming services allow you to watch shows whenever you want. As long as you have an Internet connection, a computer or laptop you have the freedom to watch your favourite programs whenever you wish. However, with USB to HDMI adapter technology you no longer have to watch and listen to these programs on a tiny computer monitor and you now have the opportunity to view them on a large, clear and sharp HDTV screen.

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