USB Internet Phone

There was a time that if you wished to make a phone call over the Internet you would have to use a simple headset and microphone system. Unfortunately this caused many problems as both a headset and microphone would cause complications with your computer speakers and this really did not truly feel like a phone experience. However modern technology has now gifted us with USB Internet phones.

Some of the first USB Internet phones were extremely simple in design. In fact they actually looked like a phone felt like a phone and had hardly any advanced features. You could actually say that these original phones were merely a headset and microphone that had been built into the case. There are hardly any of the original USB Internet phones sold in the marketplace today, although the AU-100 USB Internet phone is still one of the most popular devices today. This would possibly be because it works very well with many VoIP programs and it also has an open SDK. If you are looking for the most basic USB Internet phone, this model can still provide the perfect solution.

It wasn’t very long before the more modern variety of USB Internet phones made their way to market. This next generation of phones had many additional features such as an LCD display, echo and noise cancellation and many models even have 16-bit sound. This, of course, would allow you to experience a proper phone conversation on the Internet. The demand for USB Internet phones became higher throughout Europe and North America and at one time it almost felt as though there was a new Internet phone coming to market each and every day. However after this deluge finally started to calm down manufacturers such as Yealink, Atcom and Ipevo proved that they were the market leaders.

It wasn’t long before major businesses caught on to the fact that a USB Internet phone used along with a program such as Skype could provide some great monetary savings. Pretty much all businesses soon wanted their own form of internet phones and telecommunications. Many overseas manufacturers started to produce tailor-made USB Internet phones for worldwide businesses. They continue to add more solutions and more features and certain models even had a video camera. The newer models that were originally intended for businesses proved to be so popular that they started to be snapped up within the consumer market as well.

Although USB Internet phones were proving to be a great invention, there was always one problem – consumers wanted a cordless variety. Although this took some time, due to the number of USB Internet phones that were being sold, manufacturers such as Philips, Linksys and Belkin soon provided a cordless solution. In actual fact these companies did not merely provide cordless USB Internet phones for VoIP calls, they actually added further capabilities. One such solution provided a Skype phone and a PSTN phone all within the same device. These models soon began to sell at an alarming rate and are still proving to be extremely popular.

Unfortunately in more recent times USB Internet phones are not as popular as they once were. This in the main is down to the wave of new technology and the fact that certain devices that use Skype actually no longer require a PC. There are certain phones and solutions that can be purchased for approximately $150 that no longer require the use of the computer. Although it must be said that USB Internet phones still have an extremely important role in VoIP communication. So you could say as long as people still want low-cost or free Internet communication, the USB Internet phone will always be in demand.

USB Internet phones have many of the standard functions that we take for granted in normal mobile and cellular phone technology. These can include caller ID and the ability to select a specific ring tone. The majority now have Skype as an add-on and will also store the last number that was dialled from the phone. Depending on which make, model and manufacturer you choose the price can vary for USB Internet phones. At the lower end of the market you can purchase one of these phones for as little as $11 however the more advanced versions will set you back $30-$40. Installation of USB Internet phones is far easier than you may think. Typically you will be provided with some form of software or a small driver that you simply install on your computer. You will have a set of instructions to follow and within a matter of seconds you could soon be having a conversation by phone over the Internet.

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