USB Flash Drive

For people who hop from one computer to another with large amounts of data that are often sensitive, a USB flash drive can prove invaluable. By providing a safe storage method for your data through password protection and encryption, students, business people and more can easily travel with their special files. Features such as swivel caps and retractable connectors prevent damage on the way, and keychains and lanyards make the USB flash drive even more convenient. Finally, software applications make using a USB drive even more convenient than ever by preserving your personal settings and more.

A Universal Serial Bus (USB) flash drive offers the power data storage of a disk drive and the connectivity of a USB device. It is much smaller than its traditional data storage counterparts and are easy to remove, rewrite and import onto a computer. These puppies can store from 64 MB to 64 GB of space, and in many cases can allow nearly a million erase, giving these portable devices the approximate life of about a decade. Not only are these USB flash drives more compact that disks, they operate faster, offer more storage and are more durable and reliable. Better yet, while computers that can accept traditional disks are dwindling, USB ports are everywhere and are supported by Windows, Mac, Linux and more.

Having a USB will allow you the ability to synch up all of your computers no matter where you are at. Not only that, but you can store all of your personal applications and personal information on your flash drive so that no matter where you compute, your personal information goes with you. This also allows flexibility when you work … you can just take the work with you no matter where you go. Have videos, photos and music? The same is true, and comes in handy when going to the photo lab, class, meetings or a party at a friend’s house where you’re responsible for the musical selection. Best of all, these devices encrypt all contained information and are password protected. There’s even a feature that lets the flash drive be the key to your computer.

There are certain features to consider when purchasing a USB drive, which come in al shapes, sizes, prices and storage options. Inform yourself as best as possible, and start with an assessment of what your basic needs are. For example, would you like a retractable connector or swivel cap? How about a lanyard or keychain? Would you like your USB to be water resistant? In addition, some of these devices come with applications, including tools that synchronize and provide security. USB flash drives have a wide range when it comes to price For the best value, aim for the most space for the less price. Finally, make sure your device has the necessary troubleshooting tools, such as online FAQs, adequate tech support and in the worst -case scenario, a warranty. You may even consider a lifetime warranty.

Here are some top models in the market:
The Verbatim Store ‘n’ Go is equipped with a platform that allows you to archive data, synchronize, manage photos and more. There are eight pre-loaded applications and this compact device that packs a real punch can be work on a lanyard. These devices, however, are not water resistant and vary as to whether they have a swivel cap or retractable connector. With its U3 Smart Software, your personal settings are saved to a point that wherever you go, whichever computer you use becomes your computer without the need to install anything on said computer. Enjoy using your personal information, e-mail, settings, preferences and more…. then leaving the computer without a trace. This flash drive is available in 1GB, 2GB and 4 GB and is a good price (the best value is the 4 GB). Tech support and limited lifetime warranty are considered good.

The Edge DiskGO is highly lauded for its useability, its design and its features. With a sleek design, hard outer shell and swivel cap, this baby is protected from damage. The DiskGo also comes with lanyard and keychain options for easy transport on the go, although it doesn’t come with as much pre-loaded applications as the Verbatin Store ‘n’ Go. A security option employs drag and drop that encrypts and archives your files automatically. All of these devices are considered a good price, and the best value us the 4 GB. There are various sources for troubleshooting and a limited lifetime warranty.

The titanium-coated SanDisk Cruzer is sleek enough for business and durable enough for the rustic outdoors. This puppy is crush resistant for up to 2,000 pounds and uses a retractable connector. A lanyard allows for safe transport, and U3 software allows for lots of flexibility when it comes to storing and transporting personal settings … all that let you leave the computer of your choice without a trace. The 2GB is considered the best value, although the 1GB is a little pricier than its competitors. There is an online self-help section and a place to download applications if what you need isn’t already included.

The Transcend JetFlash combines classic design with a slide connector. Pre-installed applications are considered a good value on the dollar, and this device fare better than average in all categories. This device comes with a lanyard for safe and easy travel. A software package that accompanies the device comes with a feature that locks all of your computer settings and encrypts, password protects and backs up your data. The JetFlash is considered an excellent value and ranges in size from 1 GB to 8 GB. Online help and warranty are considered very good. With a sliding USB connector and pre-installed software, the JetFlash is considered the best bang for the buck.

For durability, the Corsair Flash Voyager could be your best bet. This thing is considered indestructible, standing the test of laundry cycles, extreme temperatures and heavy impacts. Pre-installed software ensures protections of files, and the best deals are the 4 GB or the 8 GB.

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