USB Extension Cable

If you are looking for an easy way to extend the reach of your USB devices and USB chargers then you will need a USB extension cable. By using one of these extension cables you will be able to position many of your devices such as USB Web Cam, USB scanner, USB printer, exactly where you like. A USB extension cable can be viewed as an extremely effective way to get more out of your USB devices.

The standard maximum length of a USB cable is approximately 5 m or 16.4 feet. There is a specific reason that you are limited to this maximum length and this is typically because USB host commands must be answered by a USB device within a certain allotted time period. Should there be no answer within this time the host will simply consider that the command has been lost.

A USB extension cable can be considered an extremely versatile piece of equipment and is often used by people who struggle to reach the USB socket on the back of their computer. You simply need to add one of these cables each of the USB sockets and then you are able to position it wherever you would like on your desk and this, of course, will make using your devices much easier.

The main features of the USB extension cable are:

  • It allows you to extend the reach of all USB devices
  • It works with USB printers, scanners, USB hard drives, web cams and scanners
  • iPods and iPhones are a must in most modern day households and a USB extension cable is ideal for extending the very short cable that you get with these items
  • You’re able to connect to those very hard to reach USB ports
  • There are also various lengths of USB extension cable available

One of the most popular varieties is the Belkin USB extension cable. They have two options that are 2.1 m or 3 m in length. Either of these extension cables will give you the opportunity to increase the reach of accessibility of any USB ports. You will not notice a decrease in performance which may be a potential fear that many consumers face. By adding this specific extension cable to your modems and cable you should be out to achieve a total length of 20 feet without any deterioration in the quality of your connection.

If you need to cover a distance greater than those mentioned, you will require cable that can also boost the signal so as to avoid losing any data, or in a worst-case scenario, damaging any USB equipment. Many people have chained numerous active USB extension cable together, and the maximum distance in order for the device to keep working will be 80 feet. However the most common length of USB extension cable is 16 foot. By safely chaining four of these extension cables together with your modem cable you’re able to achieve the maximum distance of 80 feet. This should cause no damage to your devices and you will not risk losing any data. To currently use a USB extension cable with a device, you first need to plug the USB cable directly into your desktop or notebook’s USB port. The opposite end of the cable is a type A female port which can be used to plug the device cable into.

Another popular USB extension cable is the Sewell Active USB extension cable. This once again comes in a 16 feet size and is manufactured to the very highest standards. Each and every cable is tested twice before going to market to ensure that you receive the highest quality and performance. Once again you merely need to plug in one end of the extension cable into your computer, while the other end will be connected to your USB device cable. This specific extension cable also features a built-in repeater which ensures that the actual USB device will operate as though it was directly connected to your computer.

There are numerous other makes, models and manufacturers of USB extension cables. They may vary in price however the majority of the higher end models are available for a price of $10-$20. No longer do you have to worry about trying to squeeze every USB device onto the same desk as your computer. The simple use of a USB extension cable will make life a whole lot easier.

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