USB Car Charger

A USB car charger is an electronic device that plugs into a 12-volt cigarette lighter in your vehicle. There are many vehicles, particularly the newer models that offer a 12-volt outlet in addition to the cigarette lighter as well. Using a USB car charger allows you to connect your electronic devices like Mp3 players and cell phones up to charge the batteries or use when the battery is low. Many types of car chargers now have dual purposes. This means that they may work as a charger for the battery and as an FM transmitter. Many consumers prefer these types of chargers for devices such as Mp3 players or cell phone models that play music. The USB charger will continue to charge the battery and the music from your device will be broadcast through a specific radio station on your car radio.

While it is possible to talk on a cell phone that is hooked up to a USB car charger, there are many that recommend against it. Using a cell phone while charging it can have adverse effects on the battery. Also keep in mind that car chargers are not typically designed to be the only way of charging a cell phone. Most experts agree that a home charger is best, but when needed a car charger is a good way to add extended life to your charge.

You can find USB car chargers in electronics stores. Those sold to charge cell phones can also typically be found at your cell phone retailer. These chargers are very inexpensive and are an excellent idea to have in the car if you have an Mp3 player or cell phone that uses this type of cord. If your laptop comes with, or you have purchased separately, a USB car charger, you can use that charger to add life to your laptop battery as well. Keep in mind that these chargers are a bit more expensive and are much larger than a typical car charger simply because they require a power adapter that will convert the power supply from your car to match the power supply of your laptop. You may find that you will need a laptop car charger that matches the brand of your laptop. You should be able to purchase these at many electronics stores as well as the dealer for your brand of laptop. It is also recommended that this not be the only source of power to charge your computer. Having a home charger for your main charging needs is the best choice and having a backup USB car charger is a good idea for emergencies.

A USB car charger is the perfect accessory for all of your electronics. They give you the ability to charge your iPhone, iPod, laptop or any other USB device while you are on the road. For those who travel frequently or families who take regular vacations, these can be a life saver. You can also purchase dual output designs that will allow you to charge two devices at once. The end that you will plug into your 12-volt outlet or cigarette lighter will look the same but the outlet end will have two separate plugs allowing you to charge both your Mp3 player and cell phone or any other two devices simultaneously. These are an excellent choice for those who own several electronics that they take on the road with them frequently.

You can typically find these devices online for under $20 or at your local electronics or department store for around the same price. Of course, if you purchase from a local retailer, you will save a few dollars on the shipping costs as well.

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