Upright Freezer

Although refrigerators today are equipped with freezers for sub-zero storage of meats and other foods, upright freezer models are becoming in demand because of the larger storage space and manageability they offer. Here is a bit of historical trivia on the origins of this appliance. It was in 1947 when the Amana Corporation released the first model of upright freezer in the USA. Soon after, companies like General Electric and Whirlpool came up with models of their own. At present, dozens of huge companies from the US, Europe, and Asia manufacture upright freezers for various purposes.

An upright freezer may look like an ordinary one-door refrigerator on the outside, but newer models today have see-through doors for commercial establishments to use. There is always a huge question regarding the choice between an upright freezer or a chest freezer. Most reviews and critics you can find online would generally agree that the upright freezer is a smarter choice.

Here is the first advantage of choosing an upright freezer: it takes up a smaller amount of space in your home. Take into consideration a 9 cubic foot chest freezer and an upright freezer of the same capacity. Since the latter stands vertically, you use up less floor area to keep it in your kitchen. In addition to that, you can also place other items on top of the upright freezer, something you can’t do with the chest type because of its top-opening freezer door.

Another perk you get with an upright freezer: your foods can be organized more easily. Since you can see how you place your food in your upright freezer, it will be more convenient to find what you need and take it out of the appliance. The shelves can help you categorize your frozen items, too. However, in a chest freezer, you normally don’t see the items at the bottom unless you take out the frozen food lain on top.

Interestingly enough, upright freezers are used for purposes other than for keeping food stuffs. As a matter of fact, many laboratories use upright freezers to store biological samples. They use this as an alternative to chest freezers because of the ease of organization of items and the space saving. However, according to a report by Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention, and international scientific journal, upright freezers in labs may not be for long term storage, because the temperature tends to vary in certain sections of the machine. For this purpose, long term storage of samples is done in freeze chambers or through cryogenics.

If you are after energy efficiency, however, upright freezer models are more energy consuming compared to their chest counterparts, as tech reviews explain. This is because the chest freezers are top-loading, so cold air does not easily escape and remains near the bottom of the chest, unlike in an upright freezer. Also, since the chest freezer door is heavy, it seals the contents and the cool air more tightly, too. But still, many choose to go for the upright freezer alternative, because of the abovementioned perks.

There are many brand names of upright freezers available, so it rather makes the choosing process a bit of a challenge. However, if you are to purchase an upright freezer, it helps to research online about good models and reliable brands. You should also know the purpose of your upright freezer, as there are certain models built for particular uses, as mentioned before. You can also get discounts as you shop, so keep an eye open for low-priced but top quality upright freezers.

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