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Most smartphones in the US today come bounded by plans from carriers such as T mobile, AT&T, Verizon Wireless or Sprint – essentially barring them to use their phones in any other networks. The nature of the contract with such carriers is cumbersome for users who tend to travel more often. Also latest smartphones are normally unveiled with a mandatory plan enforced, leaving trendy users stuck with an ongoing contract. For either types of users, unlocked smartphones are far better alternatives than locked ones. An unlocked smartphone is a smartphone that works with multiple service providers and is not attached to a single carrier. This allows users to choose networks with complete freedom and not be tied up with one particular network.

Smartphones are essentially cellular phones but with features that are equivalent to a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) or a mini computer. Key smartphone features generally include an operating system, some sort of software, QWERTY keyboard, and messaging options. Apple’s Iphone, or RIM’s Blackberrys are classic examples of smartphones. An operating system allows a smartphone to run the productivity applications, and some sort of software such as an addressbook, or contact manager.

Most smartphones today have advanced software such as those that enable the smartphone to edit Microsoft Office documents; create playlists for digital music players, or edit and modify photos. Modern day smartphones also have a fast access to the web enabled by the 3G data networks. Wi-fi supports are also widely avaible in many smartphones. An essential component in a martphone is the QWERTY keyboard, where the keys are laid out in the exact same manner as in a computer keyboard. Keyboards can be both hardware, in which the user has to press the keys, and software, where touch sensitive screens allow users to type click with a sensory motion.

Smartphones also have messaging options in the form of e-mails, and many phones can manage both personal and professional e-mails. Access to popular messengers such as Yahoo! Messenger and AOL’s AIM, are also enabled in many smartphones.

Unlocked smartphones have taken over the cellular world by storm. A number of unlocked smartphones have gained massive popularity amongst fervent users including BlackBerry Bold 900 and Nokia E71. Here are a few of the most popular unlocked smartphones:

To begin with, the BlackBerry Bold 900 is one of the most popular unlocked smartphones. At $400, the BlackBerry Bold offers high-speed connectivity and messaging capabilites, sleek and attractive design, and roomy QWERT keyboard –while taking care of all the computing or PDA needs of the user. Nokia E71 was Nokia’s very first 3G smartphone with a full QWERTY keyboard. E71 costs around $422, and is a stylish machine that meets more than just the average business phone requirements. Another unlocked smartphone from Nokia is the N85 model, which features a gorgeous OLED screen. N85 supports a number of videa and audio formats, thus making it an excellent multimedia device at $370.

A smartphone that has received a lot of attention lately is the Sony Experia X1 unlocked smartphone. This phone features a customizable software interface, is easy to use, and looks incredibly stylish. However, priced at $800, it is a little more expensive than its counterparts, while not offering anything significantly outstanding from its peers.

A much more expensive smartphone is the Samsung Innov8, priced at a whopping $930. Perhaps it deserves such a price-tag since it offers an 8-megapixel camera which is unmatched by any other smartphone of its time. With its versatile multimedia features and a 16 GB memory, one would not be disappointed to get one’s hand on this beautiful device. HTC S740 has also received good reviews as an unlocked smartphone. Priced at $550, this smartphone provides great mobile Windows service in a sllek and spaciously designed handset.

While buying a new one is one way of getting hold of an unlocked smartphone, anothermeans of getting an unlocked smartphone is by traansforming a locked phone into one. However, this procedure might be more troublesome and expensive than buying an entirely new smartphone, so purchasing a new one is a far better option.

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