Universal Laptop Battery Charger

Whether you are in business or still at school, a laptop computer is practically essential these days. Many employers either give out laptops to their employees or expect them to already have one. A laptop makes a great companion for a desktop computer, allowing files to be transferred between work and home. It can be used to conduct deals with clients at their place of business, play music and movies while traveling, and even access the internet if it has Wi-Fi or 3G capability. Laptops are so popular that many people own more than one, which makes a universal laptop battery charger all the more useful.

A laptop that is used constantly needs to have its battery recharged every day, which is not a problem so long as you can find the right charger for it. However, most chargers are designed to fit a particular brand of laptop and do not work with other brands. This is a huge problem if you need to charge several different laptops, or if you have lost a charger and cannot find a suitable replacement. To avoid being in this situation, it pays to have a universal laptop battery charger ready as a backup. Service technicians can also benefit from using one because they do not have to carry around lots of different chargers.

Inside the box of every universal laptop battery charger, there are several plugs that fit on the end of the charger cable. Each plug fits a particular brand of laptop so avoid picking one at random. The plugs may all look the same but they are color coded to make it easy to identify them. There will also be a cable for the other end of the charger that plugs into a mains power socket. Most models cost under thirty dollars and are nearly always black in color. Chargers are commonly found in the electronics section of most department stores, even those that do not sell laptops. Just take care not to lose the plugs as they cannot be purchased separately.

Besides choosing the right plug, the other task that needs to be done before charging is setting the voltage. Each battery is designed to be charged at a particular voltage. If the wrong voltage is used, the battery may not be fully charged or it may even be damaged by excessive heating. Some batteries have caught fire after being charged at the wrong voltage, destroying the laptop and causing a great deal of other damage. The charging voltage can usually be found on the battery label or in the laptop manual. There may even be a list of charging voltages included with the universal laptop battery charger.

Most models also have a Universal Serial Bus (USB) port for charging other portable devices, such as MP3 players and digital cameras. USB is a common means of recharging and it is also used for data transfer. Unfortunately, there are many devices that have a different port that is not compatible with USB, but it is usually possible to get an adapter that allows them to be charged from a USB port. Small devices, such as mobile phones, often have a microUSB that is much smaller than a regular USB port. A special cable or adapter is also needed to charge these devices.

It would be great if there was a standard charging connector for all laptops but there will probably never be one. Despite the name, a universal laptop battery charger may not support every brand of laptop. A typical model has plugs for all the popular brands including Acer, Dell, HP, Sony, and Toshiba. However, you would be lucky to find plugs for older laptops, defunct brands, or the newest brands straight out of China or Taiwan. It always pays to check the list of supported brands and model numbers on the back of the package first.

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