Underwater Digital Camera

Underwater photography is a challenging and rewarding hobby for many people and a career for a lucky few. An underwater digital camera can be very expensive but there are a few cheaper options for the amateur diver on a budget. A camera housing is a sealed plastic box that fits a regular camera ands keeps it dry at deep depths. There are also cheap waterproof bags for taking photos just below the surface. The right accessories are just as important as the camera for getting the best photos.

There are plenty of reasons for buying an underwater digital camera. A holiday to a tropical destination would not be complete without photos of the marine life and coral reefs. An underwater camera takes up a bit more luggage space than a regular camera but it is well worth taking along. Amateur divers can use them to document shipwrecks and other underwater objects they discover. Many professionals also have a need to use them in their daily working lives including marine biologists, water police, maritime inspectors, boat builders, and surveyors.

Professionals and diving enthusiasts will want a dedicated underwater digital camera. These cameras are very expensive but they are a better option than using a camera housing or waterproof bag. The camera parts are designed to make them easier to use underwater. The grips and buttons are larger to allow the diver to use them while wearing thick gloves, and the viewing screen is also larger to give a clearer image. They also have stronger hooks and straps to keep the camera secured to the diver.

To avoid the expense of purchasing a new underwater digital camera, waterproof housings are available for regular cameras. They are made to fit a particular model but they may also fit other models that have similar designs. The tough plastic case and thick seals allow the camera to be used at deep depths where the pressure is greater. The only drawback of housings is their large size and buoyancy. Weights can be added to reduced the buoyancy, but a camera with a housing is still more cumbersome to use than a dedicated underwater camera.

Waterproof camera bags are a good choice for people who want to take photos with their regular camera just below the surface. These special plastic bags fit a wide range of camera models and can be used to protect other valuables from the water, like a wallet and mobile phone. They have a clear plastic body, waterproof zipper, and a lens unit so that the camera is not taking photos through the plastic. They are much cheaper than a camera housing but only remain waterproof up to a few feet below the surface.

Lighting can be a serious problem when using an underwater digital camera. Sunlight only reaches a short distance below the surface so artificial light is necessary further down. The light needs to be very powerful to illuminate objects at a distance from the camera. A good underwater light should have a rugged case and be waterproof, and it should have a bright globe and large rechargeable battery. A mounting arm that allows the light to be attached to a housing is also good feature. Filters that remove the blue tint from light passing through water are also essential for taking good photos.

Along with lights and filters, there are a few other useful accessories for an underwater digital camera. The seals on a camera housing do not stop all the water from getting into the housing, especially at deep depths. Packs of moisture absorbing granules help keep the camera dry by soaking up any water that does get into the housing. Another problem is the increasing buoyancy of a camera housing as it descends. Weights can be screwed onto the housing to make it heavier and easier for the driver to move around.

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