Undermount Kitchen Sinks

If you’re looking for undermount kitchen sinks, you’ve just found the right website. Not only will you get all the information you’re looking for here, but you will also get access to some of the best deals available on the Internet, from the most reputable sellers. Feel free to contact us if you have additional questions, and we’ll do our best to help you make an informed decision. Choosing undermount kitchen sinks is not exactly a challenging task, but there are some basic guidelines you should keep in mind.  You will find such considerations by reading through this article.

To begin with, we should clarify what exactly are undermount kitchen sinks. This type of sink is highly recommendable if you have granite or marble countertops, regardless of whether they are a solid surface of engineered stone. If properly installed, an undermount kitchen sink will work as effectively as any other type of sink, and it will look considerably slicker and more elegant. Whether you’re going for a minimalist kitchen decoration or you favor fixtures that don’t take up much room, you will absolutely love your new undermount kitchen sin. It will look amazing, and as a matter of fact it can be more effective than a conventional sink.

How do undermount kitchen sinks work?
If you’ve ever seen an undermount kitchen sink installed in an actual kitchen, your immediate thought probably was something along the lines of “how will that possibly stay in place”? It’s actually a good question, and many people choose not to get an undermount kitchen sink because they don’t know the answer to this specific question. After all, a double-bowl sink filled with water can get pretty heavy… which may seem a problem, considering how undermounted sinks usually don’t attach to the countertop through any type of screws or nails. Well, matter of fact is that nowadays there are more efficient ways to attach fixtures than using screws or nails.

When it comes to undermount kitchen sinks, they are usually attached with a powerful mixture of high-strength epoxy glues and silicone caulk. After drying up and provided they are properly applied, these modern-age glues have an outstanding tensile. These innovative materials can withstand a considerably higher tension what your undermount sink will ever exert, even when completely filled with water. In fact, it’s even more effective as a means of attaching surfaces than using screws and it allows quite elegant applications that would never be possible using such old-fashioned methods.

Choosing the right undermount kitchen sinks for you

When looking for the right undermount kitchen sink for your kitchen, the first and most important thing you should consider is the available space, of course. There’s no point in purchasing a great sink if it won’t fit in the opening in your countertop, right? Unless you’re planning to rebuild your kitchen from the ground up, it’s definitely a good idea making sure that your sink is of the right size. By such, you shouldn’t just make sure it fits nicely with the countertop; you should also check to see if the sing is a good depth. If it’s too shallow, then water will splash all over while you’re doing the dishes; if it’s too deep, then you will likely get a sore back before you finish washing everything.

Asides from the size of the undermount kitchen sink, you should also make sure to choose the right configuration, which is usually a matter of personal taste. Most people still favor double-bowl kitchen sinks with twin bowls, but there are several other variants which are increasingly popular, such as double-bowl sinks featuring a larger basin for dish-washing and a smaller basin connected to the garbage disposal system. In this aspect, you should choose the sink that you like best, after reflecting on your own needs and the applications you’ll likely be using the sink for.

Concerning the materials your sink should ideally be made of, you have essentially four options to consider: stainless steel, copper, acrylic and enamel. There are a few other options, but these are arguably the most popular for undermount kitchen sinks. If you’re looking for a highly resistant an inexpensive sink that won’t stain or chip, you will probably favor the most common option of all (stainless steel), which besides being sanitary an resistant also comes in several types of finish that you can choose freely to match the rest of the decoration in your kitchen. Acrylic and enamel sinks look quite beautiful when they’re new, but they’re quite prone to getting scratches and will easily get ugly. Copper sinks look very good and they are very hygienic, but they will usually be very expensive.

Unique benefits of using an undermount kitchen sink
Most people assume that getting an undermount kitchen sink is a fashion statement of sorts, but little do they know this is probably the most practical type of sink available on the market. Since these sinks are mounted to the countertop in such a seamless and elegant way, you’ll be able to easily clean the countertop simply by wiping everything right into the sink. Unlike conventional sinks, you will have no trouble at all cleaning the edges of the basin, simply because there are no edges… the sink attaches seamlessly to the countertop. Undermount kitchen sinks can be a little more expensive than conventional sinks, but it will be well worth it. Just remember that to install this kind of sink your countertop must be waterproof.

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