Undercounter Refrigerators

One of the most important considerations when you design a kitchen, either at home or in commercial premises is the amount of space that you have. A lack of space in the kitchen can cause many considerable challenges when you are going for that “just perfect” look. In the hope of making life far easier you may consider purchasing an undercounter refrigerator. Under normal circumstances a refrigerator will typically take the most amount of space in any kitchen. You have probably taken many measurements and scanned the kitchen to try work out exactly where you would like to place your refrigeration unit. The obvious solution to this problem would be an undercounter refrigerator.

If you have an undercounter refrigerator in your kitchen this will always ensure that you have far more space, and can indeed manage your space far more efficiently. If you are wondering how you can get more space, this can be very easily explained. An undercounter refrigerator will simply sit beneath any counter, table or worktop. This in turn means that the space left above the counter or table can be used for another purpose. The size and type of undercounter fridge that you choose to purchase will very much depend on the size of your counter or table.

There are numerous manufacturers who deal solely in making and selling undercounter refrigerators, although you should be able to find many of these units from any number of electrical appliance suppliers and retailers. One very important consideration is that these refrigerators will be far smaller than their traditional counterparts, and therefore if you are looking to feed a large family this will most probably not be for you. I would recommend that if you have more than two people who need to use the fridge, then you should look into buying a far larger sized refrigeration unit.

The obvious main advantage of an undercounter refrigerator is that it frees up much more space in your kitchen. This “extra” space may be used to install other appliances, or can merely be used to provide more room in the kitchen. If you have a lot of undercounter space you may wish to not only purchase a refrigerator, but perhaps a freezer and possibly a cooler as well. As the majority of these units are front opening this should cause you no additional problems and can indeed be a blessing in disguise.

Prior to purchasing an undercounter refrigerator it is important that you analyse a space that you have and properly plan where you would like specific items to go. There is absolutely no point in getting excited and immediately purchasing an undercounter refrigerator if you have no idea where to put it. Although these units are small and compact, it is still very important to ensure that you have an adequate amount of space. Therefore I advise you to firstly decide on the actual size of refrigerator that you wish to buy and ensure that you know exactly where you would like it to go in your kitchen.

There are various models available in the marketplace and some have very different capacities from each other. The main sizes of undercounter refrigerators typically vary from 1.5 cubic feet up to 5.5 cubic feet. The actual capacity, will obviously, mean that the actual model will vary in size. If you are looking to fit your undercounter refrigerator in between some already existing cabinets you will then need a built-in refrigerator. These refrigerators are actually constructed with a specialised air circulating fan which will ensure that heat is expelled through the front panel rather than from the back. Without this essential feature you will actually find that your refrigerator may fail to cool properly and will eventually overheat.

If you’re looking to purchase a basic freestanding undercounter refrigerator, you are most likely looking at a cost of approximately $100 to $150. The price will obviously vary depending on the size of model that you choose however this can give you a rough guide. There are also numerous undercounter refrigerators which have drawers or that can be used for special purposes and this will set you back in the region of $450-$500. You even have the choice of outdoor undercounter refrigerators, although these will usually need to be made of specialised materials. This, of course, will increase the price significantly and the majority of these models retail for $1000 or over.

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