Under Cabinet TV

An under cabinet TV can often be a great addition to any kitchen. They will typically be fitted into a kitchen cabinet, thus meaning that no important space will be lost. The kitchen can be considered one of the most active areas of any house, and therefore if you can make your time there more enjoyable, this is usually a bonus. We are more than aware that the living area of your home is often the place to have a large screen TV, although having a small under cabinet TV in the kitchen may be just what you need.

As with most normal television sets, an under cabinet TV will be produced by many different manufacturers and will have numerous features as well. Your initial, and potentially most important, decision is to figure out exactly how you plan to get a signal to your TV. If you wish to receive signals over the air and you must ensure that the under cabinet TV is digital TV ready. Alternately, should you wish to have cable or satellite dish, then you must ensure that there is enough room for a converter box. Additionally, your TV will also have to have inputs for external video and audio that will typically come from a converter box.

Some of the additional features of an under cabinet TV may include built-in DVD/CD player. Many under cabinet TV’s will typically have a built-in DVD player that can also be used as a CD player. You will also find that certain models include an AM/FM radio, although it is advisable that you check the specific features of the TV that you are looking to purchase. As many of the under cabinet TV’s are specifically made for the kitchen, you may come across some that have digital cooking timers and a prominent clock display. Another important factor of any under cabinet TV will be the screen size. However, modern-day technology has seen the size of LCD displays decrease dramatically. You may even be able to find an LCD TV that is as small as 7 inches and can therefore squeeze into any particular tight space. The majority of under cabinet TV’s will typically be of the LCD variety which, of course, has the added advantage of a very thin screen.

One further very important consideration is that the majority of LCD displays will not produce as high a contrast or brightness when you are looking directly at them. In order to compensate for this, you may choose to buy an under cabinet TV that has a swivel screen. This can also allow you to change the actual format of your TV screen from landscape to portrait, although this may only be possible if the space in your kitchen allows for it. When looking to purchase your under cabinet TV you should also make sure that you find the right type of remote control. Some of the more advanced under cabinet TV remote controls will use a magnet to stow and can therefore be attached to either a refrigerator or other appliance.

It is also extremely important to consider the actual location of your under cabinet TV. You will, obviously, need to keep it away from appliances that produce a lot of heat such as the stove or steam from a cook-top. It is also advisable that you remove the possibility of spilled liquids from a countertop. Another consideration will be a power outlet and antenna cable of either satellite or cable wires. There is no point in placing your TV in such a position that it will be near on impossible to make use of these additional accessories.

There are numerous manufacturers of under cabinet TV’s and some of the biggest names in the electrical and home entertainment industry have their very own models. Some of these companies include Audiovox, Coby, Philips and Sony. An under cabinet TV will typically fall within the same price range as most portable, or smaller, TV sets. Prices will start at under $100 and if you are looking for a DVD/CD combo you will be likely to pay above $200-$300. Certain manufacturers have even gone as far to produce an under cabinet TV that also combines as a traditional computer. This will typically include a wireless keyboard and mouse that will enable you to operate your computer from either up close or even from a distance. The majority of these TV and computer combos will have integrated Wi-Fi technology. This will then provide a connection via your home wireless router and will also increase the overall choices of entertainment that you have available to you. Not only do you have the choice of various television channels and programs, you can also browse the Internet from the comfort of your kitchen.

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