Under Cabinet Microwave

Just about everyone has a microwave oven in the kitchen nowadays. A microwave oven provides the convenience of quickly cooking food in the fast-paced world that we live in. There are all kinds of microwave oven designs to choose from and knowing exactly where you want it place is an important decision to make. As the name suggests, an under cabinet microwave fits under a cabinet and is most often placed inside a lower cabinet or just under one. Placing a microwave oven under a cabinet will not only save you counter space, but it is a very good option for the elderly or disabled since it will be close to eye level and is easier to reach. If you have a small kitchen and need to save all the countertop space that you can it is best to have an under cabinet microwave installed. Even large homes with larger kitchens can make better use of their counter space if they plan their kitchen design correctly and include an under cabinet microwave. Having an under the cabinet microwave is becoming more and more fashionable for that very reason. You can even place an under cabinet microwave in an island.

An under cabinet microwave is just as useful as a countertop microwave and may be even more convenient to use. The only difference between them is that the under the cabinet ones are built much lighter because they are installed on the wall under the cabinet. An under cabinet is not the same thing as an over the range (OTR) microwave that has a built in range hood. An over the range microwave can be dangerous to use if you are cooking on the range and using the microwave at the same time since this can increase your chances for getting burned.

When it comes to expense, the under the cabinet microwave can be a lot more expensive than a counter top microwave. This is because most people need to have them professionally installed. However, installing an under cabinet microwave can be an easy project for a do-it-yourselfer. A qualified electrician may be needed to make the necessary electrical connections under the cabinet for the installation if you have no experience with electrical wiring plug outlet installations. If you are installing an under cabinet microwave oven yourself you will also need to purchase an installation hanging kit. These kits can usually be purchased from the same vendor you are buying your microwave oven from. Some kitchens may need to have a little remolding done if the home owner wants to retrofit it with an under the cabinet microwave, so this can add to the expense as well. If you are having a new home built be sure the blueprint is drawn up that includes provisions for an under cabinet microwave if that is what you will have in the kitchen.

The first under cabinet microwave oven introduced on the kitchen appliance market was in 1979 and it was made by GE. GE still makes their famous Spacemaker under cabinet microwave oven. The GE Profile Spacemaker II PEM31DMWW is their stainless steel model that is ideal for under the cabinet installation. Their JEM31 model may be just what you need if you want the versatility of a small microwave that can be built-in or hung from a kitchen cabinet. This microwave oven measures just 11 inches high and offers 1.0 cubic foot of cooking space and 800 watts of power. There are other brand name microwave ovens that are under cabinet microwaves. Panasonic, Sharp, Whirlpool as well as Amana, Heir and Avanti all make under cabinet microwave models. You can read the product reviews for all of these brands online. These brands are also being sold on the ineternet.

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