ULPA Air Purifier

Whether for commercial sites or for home-based use, an ULPA air purifier is one effective air filter known to sort out 99.9% of the total particles present in the air, through the use of high efficiency technology and also through the four-stage filtration process. ULPA actually stands for Ultra Low Penetration Air. Today, this device is widely considered as a leader in the manufacturing of air filtration systems world wide. From pollutants to particles, this air filter can clean the air successfully, making it ideal for commercial areas like hospitals and restaurants, and even for homes and nurseries.

For particles and air matter even as small as 0.1 microns or particulates sized 120 nanometers or bigger, an ULPA air purifier can be extremely efficient in filtration. Among the pollutants effectively screened by high quality purifiers include tobacco smoke, pollen, dust, coal substances, mold, airborne bacteria and other harmful matter from the air. It is necessary for an air purifier to be able to remove at least 95% of air particles and catch airborne matter as microscopic as 0.3 micrometers in order to be certified by the Department of Energy. These lofty standards set by the DOE are meant to ensure the quality of air purifiers being sold in the market nowadays.

Among the types of the ULPA air purifier is the UV light ULPA filter Air purifier utilizing a four-stage filtration system, which includes the following: HEPA filter, UV light, activated carbon filter, and photacalyst filter. Not only does it remove pollutants from the air, it is also capable of removing bad odors or vapors as well as VOC or volatile organic compounds from the air in any room. Bacteria and viruses are successfully removed from the air using the UV light system of the UV light ULPA filter air purifier variety.

Traditionally, an ULPA air purifier was used in manufacturing facilities such as those which are engaged in the manufacturing of microelectronics. Before the ULPA air filter was introduced, HEPA Air Purifiers dominated the market. However, due to the efficiency and reliability of ULPA filters, an increasing number of facilities and households depend on these products for cleaner and more purified air. In fact, if the best air purification is required, SULPA or Super ULPA filters are ideal. With its capacity of killing 99.999% of microbes in the air, the SULPA is most ideal for hospitals, technological facilities, as well as other areas which demand the highest in cleanliness and air purification.

If you require the highest standard in air filtering, the ULPA technology is no doubt an exceptional and dependable option where quality and efficiency are concerned. Those who want a more compact and sleekly designed air filter will be satisfied with the Mini Pleat ULPA Filter. It is made from imported fiber glass and has a durable aluminum frame. With its lightweight size and design, and easy to install characteristics, you will both have quality and portability for the price of one. The innovation and quality provided by the ULPA Air Purifier makes this product a preferred air filtering choice for households and commercial facilities.

Get your ULPA air purifier from any ULPA distributors. There is certainly one in your area. Different dealers may offer different deals so make sure that you pick up the best deal that is worth your money. The most modern way of buying this device is through the internet. You can go directly to ULPA’s website or simply find an online distributor who will ship the product directly to your home or office.

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