Tumble Dryer

It is a well known fact that a tumble dryer is one appliance that uses a tremendous amount of electricity or gas to operate it. A lot of people do not use their tumble dryer in good weather months as a way to save on their power bill. However, there is nothing beats having a tumble dryer in the cold winter months to dry your clothes in. It is hard not to find a dryer in almost every home in the modern world. The days of waiting for the rain to stop so you can wash and dry your clothes are over.

Nowadays, more and more appliance manufacturers are utilizing the latest energy saving technology advances to produce more energy efficient and eco friendly dryers for the home. The newest tumble dryers on the market are performing a lot better in the energy department than older models ever did because of advances in technology.

There are several manufacturers of tumble dryers that are selling tumble dryers on the market. A basic tumble dryer has a drum that spins the wet clothes in one direction. As the drum spins, heated air circulates through the load and evaporates the moisture. A tumble dryer will typically have a belt drive that is run by an induction motor.

You can purchase a tumble dryer that is either run by electricity or by gas. An electric tumble dryer produces heat by a wire coil that is heated by electricity and the heat evaporates the moisture that is in the clothes. Most electric dryers use a conventional 220 volt wiring connection. As stated earlier, electric or gas tumble dryers use a tremendous amount of electricity, gas or propane to dry a load.

A gas tumble dryer uses a gas burner to create hot gas that heats a metal heat exchanger. The gas tumble dryer also has a fan that pulls air in past the heat exchanger and passes this hot air over the clothes to evaporate the moisture too. Gas dryers still need electricity to turn the metal drum only they typically only require a 120 volt electrical outlet. The hot humid air that is created in a tumble dryer is vented through a duct that is behind the dryer and is released outside the exterior wall.

Purchasing a new tumble dryer is more than just making a purchase on a new appliance; it’s making and investment on one that can last many years. A good quality dryer can last a long, long time. You can find them in black, white, silver, almond and various other colors. The hottest colors right now in home appliances is midnight blue or red. You can find tumble dryers in this color now too. It is not hard to find a new dryer that will match almost any color scheme you have in your laundry room or kitchen.

If it is winter time and you are using your tumble dryer two to three times a week or more, you can cut down on the amount of electricity you are using by not overloading the dryer. If you have a new washer that has a really good spin cycle, that will help cut down on your dryer expense because the clothes will be dryer than normal when they are loaded into the tumble dryer. You should also make sure you clean the vent filter at after every 3 or 4 loads. The bigger the drum in on your tumble dryer, the more energy efficient it will be because you will have more air space between the clothes and the drum as it spins.

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