Tube Preamp

A tube preamp is a type of amplifier that is capable of providing a realistic sound. The tube preamp includes such applications as microphone and stereo preamplifiers as well as guitar tube preamps and turntable preamplifiers. Any person who is truly a lover of music considers the tube preamp to be an essential part of their stereo systems. The tube preamp is also an essential component in the music recording industry. The tube preamp was in use before transistors were and have gained the reputation of having a higher status and are considered to be highly reliable.

Back in the 1930s 40s and 50s the original guitar amplifiers that were used were vacuum tubes. Vacuum tubes were later replaced with solid state, but many musicians still preferred the sound quality that was derived by the tube preamp. The tube preamp is still being used today and is needed to boost the initial un-amplified signal to the power amplifier. This will make it become audible. Distortion and feedback are some of the effects that are controlled with a tube preamp. A tube pre amp will also control high, middle and low range tones that are needed for guitars. Some guitarists need heavy distortion at lower volumes and the preamp is useful to them.

The original design of the tube preamp provided a clean sound that was not heavier or sharper than the bass. However, the sound can be pushed to distortion with a preamp which is a sound used by some guitarists and rock band groups. A poorly built tube preamp will sound lousy though. When a tube preamp is built correctly it will tube circuit will distort the sound. The primary distortion will be an even order harmonic and the second distortion is harmonic dominant. Primary even distortions are produced by musical instruments and that is why they are called musical. The tube preamp will add another musical component since its primary distortion is an even harmonic sound. This effect gives the musician the choice of running the circuit to distortion levels with the result being harmonics that were not in the original notes or keeping the level reasonable so as to get a good clean audio.

When the tube preamp is not used to the point of distortion they will still generate a degree of distortion because of the innate way that the tube preamp works. Some tube preamps produce a low pass filtering because of the input signal changes. This give the pleasant ‘tube warmth’ that most people like and find to be a pleasing to the ear. Solid state circuits do not accomplish this because they have no inherent low pass filtering like the tube preamp does. Most musicians feel that the solid state circuits give a sound that is sterile or thin in comparison to the tube preamp.

When shopping for a tube preamp you should consider volume, flexibility, portability. You can bring your guitar with you to a music store to test out a tube preamp before you buy one. You can ask the professionals which tube preamp they recommend. You can also learn all about the difference between the tube preamp vs. solid state circuitry. Choose the one that sounds the best to you, the musician. There are different brands on the market so if you get confused you should read product reviews online about tube preamps. Being a musician means you get to practice your art to your own hearing pleasure. If you are happy with the sounds produced with a certain tube preamp then that is the one you should buy. Prices vary so be sure you comparison shop to get the best deal.

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