Travel Cooler/Warmer

Modern day travelers can save money by taking along their own food, drinks and snack. We can now use a travel cooler/warmer to ensure food safety when traveling. Travel cooler/warmers are a modern day invention and an accessory that many people would not want to live without after enjoying all the benefits they provide when traveling. When camping, hiking or going on long road trips, a travel cooler/warmer can come in really handy to keep food cool and help eliminate the danger of food poisoning. Anytime you are going on a weekend or weeklong camping trip, you will want to have a travel cooler warmer to keep your food cool. These coolers are great to use even if you want to keep your lunch cool while you are at work.

Travel coolers/warmers are very easy to use. Most people can plug it right into the car, truck or van cigarette lighter. Vector makes a cooler like this that allows you to set it to chill down to 40 degrees below the outside air temperature and safely keep your food cold. It will also heat up to 120 degrees to keep food warm. For instance, you may want to keep your take out food warm on your way home from picking it up. Transporting warm food to a potluck dinner or other food event in another town is also a great way to use the travel cooler/warmer.

Most travel coolers/warmers are designed to fit easily in the car in an unobtrusive manner. They are typically powered by a standard 12V DC battery. You can buy adaptors for some models that will allow you to plug the cooler warmer into an AC power supply. Travel cooler warmers are even used by people who stay in motels or hotels that do not have small refrigerators in the room. You can also take travel cooler warmers with you when you are out boating. Just plug it into your boats battery supply.

There are several different travel coolers/warmers on the market. You can find different models for sale in several price ranges. The most popular ones sell for around $100 or a little less. Smaller sizes can sell for around $40 dollars, but they will not hold as much food. Travel coolers/warmers are usually not large enough to carry more than about 20 cans of soda. There are smaller ones however that have room only for a very few cans so make sure you get the right size for your needs. The best kind will have a padded shoulder strap that you can use to transport the cooler with. Some travel coolers/warmers will give you the option of setting the thermostat to a low voltage mode. This allows the cooler warmer to automatically rely on its insulation factor more than the power source to keep foods at the right temperatures, thereby saving an unneeded power drain on your car or boat battery.

The Black and Decker Company has developed a travel cooler/warmer and freezer. It cools down and keeps food and drinks at 27°C below ambient air temperature. It will also keep foods warm at 50°C. This Black and Decker travel cooler warmer has a special mat in the freezer compartment and an ice tray. It is powered by a standard 12V DC battery and detects the status of your car’s battery. If it detects too much drain on the battery it will automatically shut off.

Coleman is another well known company that makes travel coolers/warmers. Their model can hold up to 9 cans at a time. It also has the capability to keep foods warm at 120°F. Buying a travel coolers/warmer is well worth the small purchase price needed to ensure food safety when traveling.

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