Travel Coffee Maker

Travelling has its own discomforts. For instance, preparing a cup of coffee may be a bit more troublesome than preparing it at home or in the office. This is why carrying a portable coffee maker may be more convenient. The issue of course is whether you will have access to electricity or not. Since access to a power supply is an issue when traveling, it’s best to bring a travel coffee maker that does not require electricity. Certainly, it’s possible to make coffee while camping. Heating a pot of water and putting some coffee grinds may do the trick hence it’s still not a convenient option. The following travel coffee makers give travelers the chance to make their own coffee without the hassle.

French Press
: Throughout the years, French Press has gained a loyal following of travelers. Many travelers prefer the use of French press to make coffee while on the road. Normally, a French Press is very fragile as compared to other travel coffee makers. Fortunately for the new models, there are now plastic and stainless steel versions of it. A comparative advantage of a plastic French Press over other types is that it is light. However, the stainless steel type has more advantage in terms of boiling water. A stainless steel French Press relieves the need for a separate pot to boil water. Each type of French Press has its own advantages, the choice, though, depends on the preferences of the individual.

Moka Pot
: Moka pot is another kind of travel coffee maker available in the market. Usually this type of coffee maker is used with a manual coffee grinder. Because of its aluminum construction, a typical Moka pot is very light to carry. Just like stainless steel French Press, a Moka pot does not need another pot to boil water.

Aero Press: A perfect fit for most coffee enthusiasts is Aero Press. Aero Press is known for the quality and taste of its coffee. Aero Press coffee does not have a bitter flavor and is particularly sweet and flavorful. The reason for such flavor is because coffee is brewed in an incredibly unique way in Aero Press. Typically, the coffee grounds are placed in warm water. After a few minutes (ex. 20 minutes) air pressure is used to extract the flavor of the grounds.

Using the Aero Press, anyone can make coffee by applying air pressure to the grounds. A syringe-type plunger is mostly used to force the air. Initially, water and grounds are put together with the filter. Afterwards, water boiled at the required temperature is added. Finally, a press plunger is placed on top of the cup to extract the flavor of the grounds. In order to successfully extract the flavors of the ground, sufficient amount of force should be applied. It is necessary to secure the coffee beans within the filter and the cup before applying force.

Handpresso: For espresso lovers, Handpresso is a very practical coffee maker. It is known for its good espresso and crema. Despite its peculiar appearance, it’s actually very simple to use. The only challenge perhaps in using Handpresso is the amount of strength needed to make consecutive shots of espresso. As it appearance denotes, the Handpresso functions like a pump. Apart from the strength requirement, it only takes hot water and ESE pod to make espresso shots. A Handpresso is usually well built and has a long lifespan. For travelers who want their own espresso experience while traveling, this is the best travel coffee maker to bring along.

There are many other different kinds of travel coffee makers. These are just some of the more convenient ways to travel in coffee convenience.

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