Travel Bottle Warmer

Traveling with your baby can be difficult at times, especially when there is no warm milk to keep your child satisfied and not cranky. If you are looking for the solution to traveling at ease with your baby, then here is presenting to you travel bottle warmers perfectly suited to your traveling maternal needs!

While traveling with your new or recently born child, if you need to warm up the milk in cold bottles, use travel bottle warmers, which will do the job just right. What is even more convenient for you is that, in most cases, bottle warmers can be simply plugged into a cigarette lighter socket in, for instance, a car. They can also be used in hotel rooms, amusement parks, restaurants, airplanes and other modes of transport.

These convenient, completely portable warmers are available at very affordable prices ranging from $10 to $40. Below are discussed a few of the available travel bottle warmers you will find readily in the market.

Hot Pack Battery Warmers
The Heat Pack (Hot Pack) Bottle Warmers are, quite simply, the exact opposite of cold packs used to cool drinks and function reversely. In order to make it work, you need to first put it in boiling water to heat it up which turns the hard, solidified chemical contained in the pack liquid upon heating. What is more interesting is, that the pack can heat up even if the liquid is cooled down and this is because the liquid chemical absorbs and retains the heat energy until the pack is activated. The heated pack is then put in a bag that operates as an insulator along with the baby bottle. In order to activate the pack, simply click on a button on it, which will give the chemical liquid mechanical shocks, which causes it to heat up, and solidify. The biggest advantage of this type of bottle warmer is that it can be used almost anywhere as it is self-contained. This type of warmer requires batteries.

Electric Travel Bottle Warmers
DEX Products, Sunshine Kids, Munchkin and the First Years are all a few examples of the most commonly used type of bottle warmers – the Electric Bottle Warmers. These bottle warmers are function as a kind of small electric blanket and can be powered simply using a 12-volt lighter socket from a car. The biggest advantages in using this type of bottle warmer are that it is extremely easy and simple to use and can be used over and over again without having to run out of power. It is also very convenient for highway trips, which cover long distances as you can use it without the need to rest at several stops.

Butane Travel Bottle Warmers
For warmers such as the butane ones, you need butane cartridges, which are disposable. In order to heat the bottle, a small flame needs to be created which generates the warmth. The benefits of using such a warmer are that it actually has better portability than the electric warmers. Aside from being very easy to carry around, these warmers can warm a higher number of bottles going up to around 20 bottles per cartridge and therefore have very high capacity.

In any case, whichever kind of bottle you choose to use, always make sure you test the warmer first a couple of times before you take it out for use while traveling on a trip. Also always remember to keep a vacuum flask containing hot water and a container of water, which can be used a backup if, by any chance, the warmer does not work and fails. Other than that, go and purchase a travel warmer for yours and your baby’s convenience NOW and enjoy traveling with no worries!

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