Travel Alarm Clock

If you have ever gone on a business trip or vacation you know just how important a travel alarm clock can be. There is no need to rely on a wake up call when you take along your own travel alarm clock. These clocks are easy to take with you and easy to set for waking up. If you are traveling and need to keep certain appointments you really can not do without one. It is even more important to take your alarm clock with you when you are traveling into different time zones. You can set it ahead of time to make allowances for the different time zones you will be in.

You can purchase a travel alarm clock in all kinds of shapes and sizes but the best ones will be the smaller ones because they are easier to transport with you. Some of them resemble a large pocket watch with a case that flips open. Others will even look like a mini stereo complete with mini speakers. The best ones will have a case that folds to protect the clock. You can get a simple wind up clock or a more complex digital clock that will also have all kinds of displays and other features. An atomic travel alarm clock will adjust with the Daylight Savings Time and the time zone changes automatically for you. An atomic travel clock is very reliable and will even adjust to leap years too. This is probably the most popular kind of travel alarm clock available nowadays. In fact an atomic travel alarm clock is so reliably accurate because it automatically synchronizes with the radio signals from the U.S. Atomic Clock in Colorado. These clocks can accurately pick up radio time signals from anywhere in the world. Most travel alarm clocks are battery operated. You should also take along the ac/dc power adaptor for those times when the battery unexpectedly runs down. You should always check your batteries and change them periodically if you can not tell if they are low.

Travel alarm clocks can have various kinds of alarm sounds to wake you up. Heavy or light sleepers can choose the best alarm sound that will suit their individual needs. Some of the digital travel alarm clocks even have radio program settings that will wake you up. Others have various tones you can choose. A light sleeper could choose a discreet beep to wake them up or a pleasant chime. Heavier sleepers can choose a more alarming sound like jangling bells or horns.

We even have voice activated travel alarm clocks now. The Moshi Voice Control travel alarm clock is one that can be set by voice command. It also can be set manually as well. This is a small travel alarm clock that fits in the palm of your hand. It uses 3 AAA batteries and sells for around $32. You can purchase various travel alarm clocks at luggage and department stores everywhere. They are also available online.

Another good one is the NAXA NX-158 Digital Electronic LED Display travel alarm clock. This one is a corded alarm clock with a red LED display. It is relatively inexpensive at around $14 and can be found for sale on the internet. If you want one that will also tell you the temperature you can try the Bright Backlight Travel Alarm Clock with Temperature display. This one is perfect for someone who travels a lot to different time zones and climates. It also displays the date as well as the time and temperature. It sells for around $25. A good atomic travel alarm clock is the Oregon Scientific RM323A Exactset. It is very accurate and displays the date and world time. It automatically sets itself in the four times zones in the U.S. You can find it online as well for around $30.

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