Trash Compactor

Everyone wants their house to look smart, clean and bright. After all, that is what makes everyone’s house “a welcome home” which further makes them feel warm, comfortable and secure. It is great to use tools that quickly help clean the dust and reduce trash with ease to make a house look smart, clean and bright. Therefore, using a trash compactor can be of great use in keeping the house neat and clean.

A trash compactor is a smart machine that reduces the size of the trash / waste material which has been accumulated, especially within the kitchen. It is mainly a home appliance but is also used by business houses. Its main benefit is to reduce the frequency of removing trash every now and then. Not only that, it ‘compacts’ trash which can fit in a bag thereby leaving more space in the house. A trash compactor can certainly hold more than just kitchen trash such as bulky cardboard boxes to any form of paper material. As it can save both – time and space, not to forget the effort required emptying traditional compactors, it is widely used in many homes as it is regarded as a worthy investment especially within elderly houses.

A trash compactor has a ram, special gears, and a motor within itself which operates a ‘force down’ thereby lowering the trash into the container and compressing the trash therefore raising itself back up. As more and more trash fills in the trash compactor, the machine starts compacting the trash thus reducing the frequency of removing trash from once daily to possibly once weekly. A trash compactor with stronger horsepower is known to be qualitatively better. A trash compactor also has two types of specially designed bags, plastic bags and paper bags, which are built thicker and weigh almost 50 lbs to absorb the pressure created by broken pieces of glass and sharp-edged cans. Trash compactor bags are known to be more durable than most traditional kitchen type bags. Not only that, they require to be changed much often than the traditional bags. Really a time saver and easy to manage!

It is important to note that poisonous chemicals, flammable chemicals, explosive chemicals, jars, glass bottles and aerosol cans must not be placed in the compactor. Not to forget, keeping infants and children away from the compactor is also very important. Any sort of junk food kept in the compactor may also spoil the odor within the room where you have placed the home appliance, so it’s essential that you install the compactor in your house where you would feel most comfortable. Normally, it is installed as a home appliance below the kitchen top, or anywhere near the oven or power source in most homes.

There are three types of compactors:
a) A ‘freestanding’ compactor are normally 35 inches tall, 15 inches wide, 24 inches deep and have a refined top. Therefore, they can be utilized for extra counter space. Freestanding compactors work almost like traditional trash cans.
b) An ‘under the counter’ compactor do not have a refined top like a freestanding compactor and is usually installed between cabinets.
c) A ‘convertible’ compactor which can be installed like either the freestanding compactor or an under-the-counter compactor as it’s convertible.

One can choose any type of compactor according to one’s requirements as all the three types of compactors work well.

Another major benefit of a trash compactor is that it reduces the ill effects of insects and rodents within your household apart from helping you enjoy improved hygiene and saving crucial space of your household. Trash compactors have a low probability of leakages compared to traditional trash cans. While buying a trash compactor, make sure you double-check whether the compactor has an anti-jamming system that prevents the appliance from being jammed apart from tilt sensors and removable key-knob control. It is essential that you check the vendor’s reputation before buying the appliance.

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