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To begin with, you should understand what exactly a tractor snow blower is. This isn’t a stand-alone machine, but rather a piece of equipment that’s meant to be attached to a tractor and draw its power from it. There are different types of tractor snow blowers available for different brands, and they come in a wide range of models. Regardless, the main aspect you should consider in order to make a good choice is the actual configuration it’s meant to be used; there are essentially two configurations available: front mounted and rear mounted. Each configuration has its unique strengths and disadvantages, of which you should be mindful, in order to make a good choice.

Having a good tractor snow blower will make your life so much easier, if you’re living in a region with intense snow. This piece of equipment will clear a path of about 8 feet with a single passing, and they’ll throw the snow (up to five feet deep) more than fifty feet away! In other words, it will get the job done quite easily, when you have to clear the roads around your house after a snowstorm. If you want to know which types of tractor snow blower is right for you, the following information will be of use.

Choosing the right snow blower will also depend on certain specifications of your tractor, but before getting to that, you should understand the advantages and disadvantages of the two common tractor snow blower configurations. Quite simple, there’s a trade-off between the ease of mount and the ease of application; rear mounted snow blowers are considerably easier to install, but more challenging to operate. Conversely, front mounted blowers can be challenging to mount, but they will be much easier and comfortable to use… unless your tractor happens to feature a loader, in which case you can directly mount the snow blower at the front, using said loader.

The rear mounted snow blowers usually rely on a standard three point mount system, which makes it very simple to install. The problem with a rear mounted snow blower is that you’ll have to drive your tractor in reverse to clear the snow – and that’s neither too practical nor even safe. Additionally, driving your tractor on reverse for too long might eventually damage the transmission, since no tractor is devised to operate in reverse for extended periods of time. Finally, driving your tractor in reverse is not comfortable at all, and it increases the odds of running into something. Regardless, if you don’t usually have to clear the snow in enormous stretches of road, it might just do the trick, and it’s definitely simpler and quicker to install a rear mounted snow blower than a front mounted configuration.

Front mounted tractor snow blowers aren’t usually easy to install, since most tractors don’t have means to mount attachments from the front. Additionally, front mounted tractor snow blowers tend to rely on hydraulic systems and very big and oftentimes complicated mounting systems. However, once you’ve attached a front mounted snow blower, the rest of the job will be a breeze, since you can comfortably drive around in your tractor like you always do, while clearing vast amounts of snow from the roads and driveways leading to your house.

Lately, some innovative tractor snow blowers have surfaced, which provide for a best of both worlds kind of scenario. These are sometimes referred to as rear mounted forward drive snow blowers, and like the name suggests they along driving forward despite the fact the snow blower is rear mounted. However, not all is perfect with this kind of tractor snow blower, since it’s more prone to getting stuck (especially when dealing with deep snow) than conventional configurations.

As you might have realized, there’s essentially just one important decision you have to make, while choosing the right tractor snow blower for you. Essentially, you have to choose between a rear-mounted or front mounted snow blower, and each variant has its own strengths and weaknesses. Rear mounts are easier to install, but harder to operate, while front mounts can be challenging and time-consuming to install, but they are much easier and more comfortable in terms of operation.

To make things simple, it’s essentially a matter of how much snow you have to deal with, and the length of the roads you usually have to clean snow from. If your driveways are not too extensive or full of twists and turns, you will probably have better results using a rear mounted tractor snow blower. Conversely, if you have to use a snow tractor blower for long stretches of road, then a front mounted tractor snow blower will be much more convenient. Remember this simple advice, and you should have no trouble choosing the right tractor snow blower.

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