Touch Screen MP4 Player

MP4 players are extremely popular these days, but to most non-technical types, the lingo is confusing. These little devices are becoming one of the most amazing sources ever known to man. A touch screen MP4 player uses the latest state of the art technology to allow you to have the most epic in portable entertainment no matter where you go!

The MP4 player can additionally play MP3 music in various formats, while videos and photos pretty much pop up and come to life in this fantastic piece of technology. A touch screen MP4 player may have an incredible array of features, including a 2.8 true-color screen with a sensitive touch screen control, built in FM radio function, digital voice recorder, and a load of games!

Where do I get my music & videos from?
Luckily, there are many places you can purchase music from. On iTunes, the songs may seem expensive per song, however if you price it out to be the same cost as an album, by the time you go to the local shops, you would’ve been paying roughly the same amount. The same is true of, where you’ll find most individual tracks for .99, and most albums for less than 10 bucks.

You can also purchase regular CD’s locally and rip them to MP4 or MP3 format.

The best touch Screen MP4 player?

Personally I would say that the iIPod Touch wins my vote. The iPod Touch is a MP4 that was sold by Apple. It was first seen on a apple meeting called “the beat goes on”. The iPod touch is famous for its touch screen, which is a very sensitive screen. It is sold either as an 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB storage capacity, which will allow you to hold thousands of songs, hundreds of movies, and hundreds of games.

The iPod Touch can view the last 10 songs played in a star bucks café through its inbuilt wireless internet, with an iPod touch the user can additionally track downloads online throughout the powerful tune music store.

As with any product, there are always a small amount of flaws. However, many of the iPod flaws were recognized during its early life and have since been corrected, and fixed.

Creative also makes some fantastic MP4 players, as does Sandisk. If you aren’t into the Apple brand, then these 2 brands will be perfect for you, especially since you don’t have to “sync” and can just drag and drop music onto the player’s flash drive.

The few reviews of the iPod Touch cited similar differences to the Apple iPhone. One of the biggest critiques was that the iPod touch didn’t have the additional items like email, mapping, and stock tracking applications where as the iPhone did. At least one critic has suggested that Apple may have left out the additional applications and hardware features on purpose to make the iPhone more expensive, so if people wanted the extras they’d have to buy the iPhone.

The iPod competitors are the Zune, EGG, and Zune HD, however none of them have the same applications and in-built software that the iPod does.

In conclusion to what I’ve written, the best MP4 you will be able to buy with your money is the iPod, the uniqueness and excellent features and applications that are available are the best you’ll find anywhere. The ability that allows you to play games side-ways or straight on is only available on the iPod touch screen.

If you only need something to listen to 200-300 songs, I recommend getting a QG MP4, they will do the job that is required.

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