Touch Screen MP3 Players

There are many different features available with MP3 players today. The touch screen option is one that is quickly becoming very popular. It is more common with MP4 players but there is no major name difference as everyone associates MP3 players with MP4 players. The touch screen feature has received a lot of attention after Apple released products with this function. There are many other MP3 players on the market that have offered touch screen capabilities for a while.

The touch screen MP3 player design is much preferred over MP3 players with basic designs. This is not solely due to the touch screen function but rather the whole design is much more intriguing. Most MP3 players are cheap made and have a very stale design. The majority of touch screen models are designed a lot better. Part of this is that there is no need for having any buttons or wheels sticking out of the design. This allows the unit to be very sleek and stylish.

Advantages of a Touch Screen MP3 Player
With less space being used for physical controls it allows the device to have a larger display screen. Some designs even included an on-screen keyboard and wireless capabilities. This will also let you play videos and be able to see everything easier. A normal MP3 player screen is too small to see anything more than some simple text. Alternatively, if you plan to use your MP3 player for watching videos as well then you may want a touch screen MP3 player.

The most advantageous feature included in these devices is the touch screen capabilities. There are many benefits that indirectly relate to this feature but the touch screen functionality is very useful as well. Part of the appeal would be the coolness factor of having touch screen controls.

Disadvantages of a Touch Screen MP3 Player
A touch screen MP3 player is usually a great investment but there are situations where you may want to avoid it. If you are visually impaired or blind then it could affect how easy the touch screen controls are to use. With physical controls (buttons, wheels, etc) you can easily control the player. If you cannot easily see the on-screen controls then a touch screen MP3 player may not be for you.

Additionally, if you tend to just leave the player in your pocket and play music all day then it may not be necessary to buy a touch screen model. You may want to change songs while the player is still in your pocket. This would be easy with buttons or knobs on the device but it would be difficult to blindly try to use the touch screen controls. Also, do not forget to factor in that you are usually paying extra for this feature so make sure you plan to use it a lot.

Apple iPod Touch
This is a popular product that is worth considering. It would be a step up from other iPod models but a step down from the iPhone. If you are looking for a touch screen MP3 player then you may want to consider this product. It is in fact an iPod so you know you are buying the best on the market. It also includes a large display screen and Internet capabilities. This is not just a music player but a complete entertainment device. You could easily watch movies on an Apple iPod Touch. If you are shopping for a MP3 player that you will use frequently then this may be your best choice.

Samsung Touch Screen Portable Media Players
Samsung has a large line up of touch screen portable media players. These allow you to do a number of things and are designed to be very compact and sleek. The only disadvantages of a Samsung portable media player would be that there is a limited memory size (smaller than the iPod Touch) and the display screen is not overly large.

Final Thoughts
There are many different touch screen MP3 products available. The Apple iPod Touch, Apple iPhone, and Samsung portable media players are all great choices. If you are looking to buy a MP3 player with a cool design and many features then you should consider buying a touch screen model. You should not make your decision just based on the touch screen functionality though. Make sure you find a player that looks good, works good, and has a large storage space as well.

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