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Touch screen is one revolutionary concept in the information processing world where instructions can be transmitted or obtained not by the click of a button, but just by the power of a touch. The credit for the first touch sensor goes to Doctor Sam Herst, who was an instructor at the University of Kentucky. His sensor was called the ‘Elograph’ and was patented by the University of Kentucky Research Centre in 1971. Since the touch screen has made its mark as one of the easiest and innovative interfaces to date.

Touch screen computers have become highly popular tech-gadgets in the modenr society. Touch interfaces allow users to browse computer systems just by touching links or icons in the screen. A touch screen interface has three basic components – a touch sensor, controller, and software driver.

A touch sensor is a touch sensitive clear glass panel which is placed over ta display screen. The palcement is done in a manner to allow the responsive area of the touch screen panel to cover the viewable area of the video screen. The sensor panel has an electric current running through it. A change in voltage occurs when the screen is touched, and this change determines the location of the panel where it is touched.

A controller is a PC card that brdiges connection between a PC and a touch sensitive panel. The controller is generally built inside a touch screen monitor and is responsible to determine the kind of interface needed by the PC. Integrated controllers allow connection to USB ports or serial/COM ports, and some specialized ones work with DVD palyers as well.

A software driver is what allows the touch screen and PC to work together as a single device. It is the software driver that signals the operating system of the computer to interpret the information sent by the user through the touch event. Most touch-screen drivers found today are mouse-emulation type of drivers that makes the touch screen operation similar to how a mouse would work that that particular point. However, some specialized computer systems do not need software drivers as they have there own built-in driver for the touch screen.

Touch screen desktop, laptop and noteboook PCs are the most-wanted gadgets of today. And to quench the thirst of touch-screen fanatics, a number of popular computer giants have begun to introduce there version of touch-screen wonders. To beign with, Hewlett-Packard has launched an entire line of touch-screen computers under the name TouchSmart. HP TouchSmart offers a range of touch screen tablet PCs most of them with a Windows 7 Home Premium Operating System. Prices of HP netbooks vary from dealer to dealers, but will coem at a price of about $1000.

Sony VAIO also offers an all-in-one touch screen PC – Sony VAIO VPC-L11S1E. This machine features mutitouch capabilty with aWindows 7 operating system. This is a sleek designed, high-performance touch screen PC that comes at a price tag of $2138.43. Dell has also released its Studio One touch screen PC with a Windows 7 operating system. This unique PC comes with a touchscreen interface that can be operated using just about anything as a stylus. This PC starts at $899, and is a good investment for someone looking for the ultimate touch-screen experience. ASUS Eee Top ET2203 is also a stylish and good-looking all-in-one touch screen PC. With an operating system of Windows 7, this PC has a bigger screen and is cheaper than its HP counterparts. This PC is labeled a price of $1252.51.

There are a few things that should be kept in mind when buying a touch screen PC. One of the important attribute is to observe exactly how touch sensitive the screen is. Is it also important to note the response time – the faster being the better. Many PCs offer handwriting recognition system, and for those it is better to check how the system works. It is also a good idea to check for various prices from a number of dealers, and look out for additional plug-ins or other softwares available with the PC. The most important thing is to get a PC that fulfills the user’s need and gives him/her the best value for the price he/she is willing to pay.

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