Touch Dimmer Switch

A touch dimmer switch is a modern day electrical device that allows you to control the amount of power being sent to a light bulb. You can use one to conserve electricity by dimming the light. This keeps power usage down and can help you save money by lowering your electric bill. Just by touching the dimmer switch you can turn brightness of the light up or down, depending on your own personal preference. The most common place to find a touch dimmer switch is in dinning rooms for ambient lighting, entry ways and other areas where you want to be able to control the brightness of the light.

A dimmer switch works by cutting back the electrical current that is going to the light bulb. There are usually different settings on a dimmer switch that can adjust the light to high, medium or low. There are different kinds of dimmer switches that can be used for incandescent bulbs, halogen lighting and for florescent bulbs. You can even use a touch dimmer switch for an overhead fan.

When you are shopping for a dimmer switch you should look for a style that will fit your home’s decor. There are all kinds of color choices to choose from. Most people choose touch dimmer switch that matches the color of their other switches. There are various styles, from the traditional toggle switch to the modern styles that are large rectangles with a flush switch plate that have the toggle in the back which operate by finger pressure. You can also find traditional touch dimmer switches that have the round button that your turn to lower the lights. There are also touch dimmer switches that you can get to use on a lamp. These allow you to simply touch the metal portion on your lamp to turn the light up or down. There are screw in or plug in convertible styles to choose from.

When shopping for a dimmer switch you will need to know the total wattage that the dimmer switch will control. The higher wattage the light is that you will be using it on, the higher rated the dimmer switch will have to be. If you are not sure which one is best suited for your needs you should ask for help so that you will get one that is able to handle the load. You should also know if you will need a two-way or a three-way switch. A two way dimmer switch will control a light only. A three-way dimmer switch is needed if you are controlling two lights so that you can turn one on or off, while dimming the other.

People install dimmer switches because they want to be able to control the mood of any given room. A dimmer light can help create a soothing atmosphere such as for a romantic dinner or when listening to relaxing music. They can also be used to brighten the light in the room if you are going to be reading or doing a craft project.

You can find a variety of touch dimmer switches on the internet or in your local home or hardware supply stores. They are not very expensive and are easy to install. With most switches you will be able to install them yourself. Others may require that you hire an electrician to install it for you. Before you buy one it is a good idea to go online and look at all the different styles and types you can choose from. You can also find them at discounted prices if you buy online as well.

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