Tortilla Maker

Mexican cuisine has become very popular all over the world. Nachos and Chimichanga can be found not only in Mexico but also in other countries. There are even a large number of Mexican restaurants. Another Mexican food that has always been popular is tortillas. They are readily available in all Mexican restaurants as well as restaurants offering several types of cuisine.

People fall in love with tortillas the first time they taste this superb food. Many people – who are not willing to eat outside – have long tried to make tortillas at home. Even though tortillas are very easy to making – requiring only a handful of ingredients, it takes time to make them. A few companies have understood the problem and came up with the unique tortilla makes.

There are different types of tortilla makers available. These make tortillas in different sizes. Usually, the sizes of the prepared tortillas are 6 inches, 8 inches and 10 inches. Many people are not indifferent to the different sizes. Usually, culture plays an important role in deciding the appropriate food size. For instance, in France, where the food serving is small, 6 inch tortillas are perfect. However, in the USA, many people are not happy with small servings. Instead, they want large-sized meals. Since 10 inch tortillas give the impression of large meals, the tortilla makers producing 10 inch tortillas are most popular in the USA. As a result, people should buy the tortilla maker that provides them with the most desirable size. Another important thing is that some tortilla makers do not make tortillas of the size they are supposed to; the tortillas made are usually much smaller. This means that “6 inch” tortillas are usually only 5 inches! So, buyers need to choose among the other makers.

The buyer must also decide whether they want tortilla makers with non-stick coatings or not. There are both advantages and disadvantages of non-stick coatings. For instance, they help to prevent the tortillas from being burnt – so they are good for inexperienced cookers. On the other hand, they emit toxic substances which, if inhaled, can cause serious damages to the health.

People certainly do not need tortilla makers to make instant tortillas. Many flat bread makers provide the same service. However, the tortillas produced many not be of as high quality as is possible with flat break makers. There are basically three types of tortilla makers:

A) Electric Tortilla Makers: They are very easy to operate. They also not only cook the tortillas but also press them. These electric tortilla makers have non-stick coatings. The coatings are great for preventing the tortillas from attaching to the surface. If the non-stick coating were not present, people would have to use plastic bag or wax papers, both of which could easily catch fire from the heat. One great Electric Tortilla Maker is “Revel Tortilla Roti Maker With Temperature Control”.

B) Cast Iron Griddle Tortilla Makers: They can make almost as good tortillas as experience Mexican cooks can. They also can make a large volume of tortillas quickly. For this reason, they have a high weight (greater than 6 lb.) so that the tortillas can be pressed easily. Although this feature is certainly beneficial, the users will find it very difficult to move the maker from one place to another.

C) Tortilla Presses: They are made of either cast iron or aluminum. As a result, they are cheap; the highest price of tortilla presses is $20.They usually do not offer non-stick coatings, so users need wax papers for preventing the tortillas from sticking to the surface. This is safe since the tortilla presses do not need heat to operate. The best tortilla presses available in the market are Imusa Victoria Cast Iron Tortilla Press that provides tortillas of 6.5 inches as well as 8 inches. However, customer reviews suggest that the tortilla presses do not show satisfactory performance.

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