Toaster Oven

First came the toaster a simple appliance that was used to make toast, muffins or make bagels taste better. But soon just toasting breads was not enough and then came the creation of the toaster oven. The toaster oven can still make toast but rather than place the toast vertically into a toaster, it lies horizontal on a wire rack. The best part of the toaster oven is that it can still make toast and muffins but now you can make toast and muffins with toppings such as toast with cheese or English Muffin Pizza.

The toaster oven is considered to be like cooking in a stove but on a much smaller scale. Cooking with a toaster oven does have its advantages and its disadvantages. For example, an advantage is if you are a single person and you want to cook a potpie or a frozen dinner. You can simply use the toaster oven and make your meal. You won’t need to fire up the stove, which will save money on your gas bill and even on your electric bill because you are using a small tabletop oven, rather than a heavy huge stove.

Now a disadvantage would be that you could only cook one thing at a time. Toaster ovens are perfect for potpies or even steaks but you can only use one at a time. Not good for dinner parties, if you are making hors devours than it is perfect but you cannot cook huge meals in the toaster oven. These days when you purchase something frozen, you can turn the box over and it will give you directions on how to cook on a toaster oven.

Unlike some ovens, toaster ovens can actually heat up faster due to their small size. Have you ever heated up an oven and waited 20 minutes until the thing even got hot? With a toaster oven it heats up in seconds. Perfect if you don’t have a long time to cook something.

Toaster ovens are a great invention but technology has come a long way since the toaster oven. Even with the microwave, it still can’t do the things that a toaster oven can do. Anything a microwave can do, a toaster oven can do except heat up liquids. Just like a regular oven the toaster oven has setting like Toast or Oven. The oven has temperatures from 100 degrees to 500 degrees and even a broil option.

Today more toaster ovens are called toaster ovens with Convection. These are toaster ovens that have 2 cooking wire racks better settings and the ability to cook more foods than a standard toaster oven. The toaster oven, no matter how much technology there is still one of the best inventions of all times.

They are perfect for college students who can’t get a home cooked meal all the time. Perfect for dorm rooms or when you are renting a room and there is no stove or oven available. Toaster ovens are great gifts as well; you can find them in any store such as Wal-Mart, Kmart and Target. Some of the better-known brands are the Krups Toaster Oven, Black and Decker Toaster Oven and Cuisinart Toaster Ovens.

There are so many great name brands out there it can be hard to choose which one you want. But some toaster ovens come with slight differences so shop around a bit before settling on one name brand. The prices will also vary so if you are on a budget, there are some great deals out there all you have to do is look.

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