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ID scanners are becoming such a good solution for persons and businesses who need to scan ID cards on a daily basis. Since there are many various types of ID scanners, before purchasing one you need to take special consideration of several factors. Buying a scanner for ID application is not complicated, although buying the wrong scanner accidently can be a very dramatic experience.

People these days are getting thumb scanners implemented as part their household access procedures. Usually, they are for affluent and/or rich people and work in place of front door keys, or in addition to them. While this is a great idea, it can also be a bit of a pain for young kids that live at the house. Imagine trying to go in and out, getting dirt and mud on your thumb then you’d be in a bit of trouble trying to get back inside. I personally recommend buying an ID card scanner for your home security, and leaving thumb scanners for businesses.

When buying a scanner, there are three steps always in the same process, search, comparing and buying. Completing each of those fields will ensure you buy the products that you do actually need.

1. Searching – You will need to start with a current relevant information collection about ID thumb scanning solutions currently available in the market. What kinds of scanners are available at the time, technical specifications, the scanning methods and software capabilities, and the thumb scanner price range.

2. Comparing – After you learn the information that you’ve been researching, you’ll need to summarize and compare four or five models, deciding which scanner would be best for your current needs.

3. Buying – You need to always make sure, with all products that you select the correct one. How long are they selling the hardware products for? Is there newer products coming out soon? How is the customer support on these items? Is there a warranty? You must place all of these facts into heavy consideration.
One of the most common mistakes people do when buying a thumb ID scanner is not fully learning or understanding the scanner capabilities. For example, does the thumb scanner only scan only thumbs? Or can it scan cards? The ability to scan other things such as cards, driver’s licenses, etc. can be a great solution for any problems that may arise.

They can be bypassed!
It has been proven that thumb scanners can be bypassed, and people can get into the area where you are trying to keep them out. This is done through a very simple method of fresh pineapple juice. Because of the high acidic content in pineapple juice, it can temporally remove finger prints; there is no way to unfortunately stop this happening, so you may want to consider adding a card scanner.

Another factor is that you should keep a scanner speed. If you plan to scan a lot of people’s thumbs, you need to verify the scanner can provide a suitable solution. You don’t want to buy one that will be to slow for you, or else this could lead to traffic jams in and around your entrances and gates.

When dealing with expensive technology, you simply can’t afford to sacrifice quality based on price. If you’re going to spend the money on a thumb scanner, then you might as well buy one that works well. You can always test them out as other forms of protection as well, such as on your iPhone or laptop, both of which have applications that can be used to secure your devices in this manner.

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